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Your reading this so I know you"re not driving a car. Your not,right? I want you to close your eyes and pretend you have just got off work. You pick up your kids at daycare and stop  at 7-11 for milk.It"s evening and your mind is on a million things,you pull out and in seconds a red light is flashing behind you.
Maybe 3 seconds have passed but the police officer reminds you to turn on your headlights! You feel foolish,but as the officer is checking your license Your heart starts pounding. You never paid a ticket for not having insurance!
A second later a pounding on your window makes you roll it down and you are ordered out of the car.
You tell the officer your a Mom with two kids in the backseat. He handcuff"s you anyway.
You start to cry, yelling "what about my kids?" They will be taken care of your told.
You are a Mexican-American and you have not seen your small American born kids in over two years.
By the end of 2013 nearly two million people will have been deported under Obama.
Many have called for reform in Congress including John McCain,(you can open your eyes now)and the rest of the Senate has passed an immigration bill. The Bill has been sent to the House and if voted on would pass. The President will sign it.
The Speaker is a lap dog and his rulers don"t want anything our President does.
No would argues the value of Mexican-Americans in Agriculture. They usually take jobs no one wants and they take any wages offered.
If you come into America without a passport and break no laws,you should be able to
Work and pay a fine and get your citizenship. Its"s funny to be forced to take a test
that maybe 10% of people born here could pass. All Americans should have to take the same test a new citizen has to. If your an American,then know something about your
If poor Mexican-Americans get sick or have babies they should receive care. Somehow
many people in our Country don"t care if a stranger lives or dies. They don"t care that a baby goes hungry. They CARE if asked to pay.
The main reason our pathetic coward of a Speaker   will not allow a vote is he a racist.
If you don"t stand up to racism and call it that;
 then you are also a racist
Your sitting home with your children and a you hear a knock on the door. John Boehner
is coming for your kids.
"To handle yourself,use your head;to handle
others,use your heart."


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