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Humans coin new terms when events become to complicated to use existing language. In this diary I'm introducing a new phrase, Category Collapse Disorder, to put a name on the on the effects of destructive language being used in the current 2013 Vallejo City Council Race.

Photo From Wikipedia: Colony collapse disorder (CCD) is a phenomenon in which worker bees from a beehive colony abruptly disappear.
In the spirit of this new meme I'm going to apply it to this diary and use it to help simplify understanding issues in Vallejo regarding the LBGT and Faith Communities and what is dividing us. As you will see below I'm creating a lot of categories to organize and present my ideas better. Reversing the collapsing!   More beyond the fold.

For more information on the Vallejo race see:

Vallejo City Council Race 2013 - Introduction
Vallejo City Council Race 2013 - Meme Warfare
Vallejo City Council Race 2013 - Category Collapse Disorder (This Diary)
Vallejo City Council Race 2013 - Jump Start Vallejo
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Vallejo City Council Race 2013 - Election Results

Update #1: Removed reference to LBGT social group - per postretro suggestion
Update #2: Removed reference to Talk to Action in diary


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Feedback from my initial diaries indicate that they were a bit overwhelming so I'm going to structure the diaries into categories and have a bit less content in each one. This will also allow me to more effectively report on events in the election. Also, I have made arrangement with Anthony Summers for him to answer questions from the comments and will be able to present questions and relay the answers in an organized way. With a bit of a delay.

Some have criticized me for using pejorative, stereotypical, or insensitive language in my previous diaries. Using the update method available on Daily Kos I will remove or change any offensive language that is pointed out. Or, try to comment as to why I'm leaving something in. And, after reflection I'm removing the meme from the title of the last diary.

On The Meme Being Used To Categorize Me

I'm just as guilty as those in Vallejo using the meme by repeating the meme in defending my actions in the endorsement process. And, as such, going forward there will be limited use of it in my diaries.  If you do not see the meme in a diary you may have to go back to a previous diary to figure out what it is.

While reviewing the a previous diary of mine on Vallejo Politics, Vallejo Faith Organization - Anti-Gay Agenda? I remembered that I deliberately chose not to use the meme in it because it was pejorative. In the article I could have chose the easy way by using the meme, but I chose to describe things in a bit more complicated way.

The day after the election we all have to live together in the same community and we do not need the additional baggage of having to face persons that the day before that we dropped .

On the Memes Being Used by Ed Silvoso and Cindy Jacobs in Vallejo

In these initial diaries I'm only going to focus on two of the memes used by Ed and Cindy: Homosexuality is a Sin and Vallejo City of God. These are frequently mentioned as being used in the local discussion. And simply I want to point out these spoken or repeated during the election campaign hurt the LBGT community and are mentioned by many persons in the Vallejo community as be offensive to them.

In the upcoming months the sources, where used, and who was hurt by these phrases, used as memes, can be documented. As is done in many Truth and Reconciliation projects done to document violations of human rights. The reader can sort through the documents, pictures, blog entries, videos and come up with a list and numbers. Everyone that comments in these diaries has an opportunity to document per Kos guidelines on how these memes hurt you.

But this is not about quantity it is about quality. Understanding the form of the communication transaction. I will be starting with the "source / message / receiver" model of communication, moving to the Chomskyan linguistics approach, then to George Lakoff's theories and Robert Rosen's theories.

In other words we are going to take a good look at meme use on both sides of the Vallejo Political divide using modern linguistic tools and advanced tools found in Cat.

United Democrats Candidates Night Part 1 of 5

On this one I'm having trouble. I can't get the video to embed. I tried all the suggestions in the KOS FAQ.  So please go to this link to the video on youtube: United Democrats Candidates Night Part 1 of 5

United Democrats of Southern Solano County held it City Council Candidates Night on October 3, 2013 at the North Vallejo Community Center. In Part 1 of 5 The candidates were asked to speak on the Vallejo Economic Development Strategic Plan.  The video segment is 5:36 minutes each candidate was given 3 minutes to speak

The Vallejo Economic Development Strategic Plan identifies our major community assets to be a highly-skilled and available workforce, low costs of doing business, and location & transportation infrastructure. It also identifies our main challenges, including negative views of Vallejo, crime and public safety, government inefficiency, and slow Mare Island remediation.

Our club and the City of Vallejo made this document available to all the candidates both in printed form and electronic form well ahead of the election. This was required reading for the candidates.

Thought For The Day on Communication

A helpful way of naming the doer and the deed is suggested by Peter C. Sederberg in his book, Terrorist Myths, Illusion, Rhetoric and Reality. He urges his readers not to confuse the actor (terrorist), the action (terrorism), and the effect (terror). He says, "...the inclination to equate sin with sinner (or terrorism with terrorist) may be an inevitable shorthand in everyday relations, but it impairs analysis. Once we apply such a label, that is all we tend to see".

From Laetus in Praesens: Is God a Terrorist?

Questions for Anthony Summers

Some comments contained direct questions for Anthony Summers and over the course of these Diaries I will take questions from the comments and email them to him. He will reply and I will post them back here in to this area. I will try and include context, such as a previous comment in needed.

What I'm having trouble coming to grips with is this.
Secondly, as it relates to my association with Dr. Ed Silvoso, let me be clear: my relationship with Ed is remote. I do not believe nor does Ed Silvoso believe in the killing of gay people – period! (quote from Anthony Summers)
If Tony Summers' relationship with Silvoso is so remote, how does he pretend to know Silvoso's mind on the matter.


by Steveningen on Fri Oct 25, 2013 at 03:19:22 PM PDT

Waiting for reply from Anthony. I will post when I receive it

Diary by Bruce Wilson

With the story by Bruce Wilson published on in the Street Prophets group I broke my silence on Daily Kos by blogging as a citizen of Vallejo.

Anti-Gay Christians Target Vallejo, CA Government, With Democratic Party Help

I think this diary title is pejorative against our Vallejo community of Faith and the Democratic party. The title sets the framing of the article and comes to a conclusion of guilt. I would think Bruce could put a more neutral title on it and not prejudge so quickly.  I would suggest a title like: Vallejo Democrats divided over Faith and LGBT issues at public meeting.

Category Collapse Disorder

The American political system is sick with a disease that I call Category Collapse Disorder.  This term is intended to refer to a blend of ideas found in the linguistic theory of categories as applied to politics by George Lakoff and the vision of societal death observed in phenomena of bee colony collapse disorder.

First, a distinction must be made about individual members of the body politic. The individuals are not sick and never should be referred as to being diseased or sick.  The individuals are only acting out ideas modeled by a thought process dominated inadequate, false, or collapsed frames triggered by memes.  Our Progressive political struggle is with the ideas, elected officials, organizations and systems that execute and create the meme death warrants not the messengers.

Clearly the meme being used in Vallejo is an example of Category Collapse Disorder. I will have a lot to say about this in upcoming diaries.

Reading List

Global Insanity: How Homo sapiens Lost Touch with Reality while Transforming the World by Donald C Mikulecky and James A Coffman.  This book is a great starting place to understand the some of the major ideas introduced above and to understand the direction these diaries are moving in.


Jonathan Gordon (linkage)
Vallejo Street Prophet

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed herein are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of United Democrats of Southern Solano County, The Solano County Democratic Central Committee, California State Democratic Party, or the National Democratic Party.

Partial List of Endorsements for
Pippin Dew, Jess Malgapo, Rozzana Verder-Aliga, and Anthony Summers

Vallejo Chamber of Commerce Political Action Committee
Solano County Democratic Central Committee
California Real Estate Political Action Committee (CREPAC)
Vallejo Police Officers
Vallejo Firefighters
Vallejo Education Association
Napa-Solano County Building and Construction Trades Council
Napa and Solano Counties Central Labor Council
Communications Workers of America Local 9404
Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers Local 3
Glaziers Local 169
Cement Masons Local 400
Painters Union Local 376
Iron Workers Local 378
Iron Workers Local 118
Plumbers and Steamfitters Local 343
Sheet Metal Workers Local 104
International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 180
Operating Engineers Local 3
Heat & Frost Insulators & Allied Workers Local 16
United Food & Commercial Workers Local 5
Carpenters Local 180
Teamsters Local 315
Assemblywoman Susan Bonilla
Mayor Osby Davis
Solano County Sheriff, Thomas A. Ferrara
Supervisor Erin Hannigan
Supervisor Jim Spering
Supervisor Skip Thomson
Supervisor John Vasquez
Solano County Superintendent of Schools, Jay Speck
Solano County District Attorney, Donald A. du Bain
Vallejo City Councilmember, Hermie Sunga
Vallejo Unified School Boardmember, Hazel Wilson
Vallejo Unified School Boardmember, Raymond Mommsen
Vallejo Unified School Boardmember, Rev. Dr. Tony Ubalde
Solano County Assessor-Recorder, Marc Tonnesen
Solano County Board of Education Boardmember, Larry Asera
Former Vallejo City Councilmember, Michael Wilson
Former Vallejo City Councilmember, Tom Bartee
Former Vallejo City Councilmember, Cris Villanueva
United Democrats of Southern Solano County President, Jonathan Gordon

From http://www.jumpstartvallejo.com/

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Originally posted to linkage on Fri Nov 01, 2013 at 07:27 AM PDT.

Also republished by California politics.

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