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My girlfriend is an actress. She is in SAG. But she does not make enough for health insurance to kick in through her union. She got a policy here in NYC about 6 months ago that provides her with only emergency care at a cost of $184 per month. Now she gets a letter that says her policy is  going up to $479 per month. She has been trying to purchase a new policy through the New York website opened on October 1. She has been unsuccessful. What does this mean for her going forward? Well, it may just mean that she becomes an example of the Affordable Care Act actually hurting a citizen and making her insurance costs rise. So far the phone number that she has called has told her to go back online. Follow me below the fold for a quick rant.


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Hey Obama and Sebelius. What the FUUUUUUUU#&? This was your moment to show everyone of these lying Tea Party members and members of the Right Wing Lie Machine known as Fox News that they are all wrong and have been wrong for years. This was your chance to show them how great we could do in helping bring down healthcare costs across the board. I thought health insurance plans were to be offered across state lines at exchanges so that there would be lower costs to the consumer. Now we are facing bad news, (an increase of nearly 500%) from the poorly functioning exchanges like the ones that are failing my girlfriend in New York State so badly right now. I don't need the media to tell me this, i am experiencing it first hand. This is in a very Democratic state of New York and a very educated patient consumer (my girlfriend). If she can't do it in NYC, then what chance have you got enrolling half brain dead members of the Republican party in a state like Texas.
This was your chance to perform and show that we could do it and you are completely f-ing it up!
Barack Obama, I'm pulling for you, but in the way a football fan pulls for a team that constantly dissappoints him.

Mon Nov 04, 2013 at 12:38 PM PT: My Girlfriend was able to speak to a representative and get a health care plan that is $196 per month. that includes actual coverage, even dental. This price is after a government subsidy because of her low income.

To be clear, the website was not working. has not worked for a lot of people. When the site was finally combined with actual operators who could help you and were actually there when you called, the purchasing happened quite easily.

This is exactly as we expected it to work on October !

It is not dishonest or some sort of right-wing tea-party conspiracy that this thing has it's problems. Coming on a site like this to share my experience has been both helpful and maddening. Several comments seemed to blame me and my girlfriend for being lazy. Some even went as far as to paint me as some sort of Tea Party alarmist who was trolling this site and making it seem like the ACA is not working or needs to be dismantled. I wrote this diary partly to show that the website is a mess. it's a mess with real people trying to use it. This does not mean that theACA is a mess or needs to be removed or de-funded. This diary provided a glimpse into a problem here at this site of non-stop allegiance to the administration. It is ok to criticize this administration, particularly about their roll-out of the ACA and the pathetic performance of the website as a way to sign people up.  Some people on this site just do not want to admit that Obama or Sebelius have truly fumbled this thing. Thankfully, they are using the help of others to fall on this fumble and roll into the end-zone. But people, it was a fumble, it's ok to admit it.

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