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I had a lunch offer yesterday. The restaurant she offered to take me to is one of my favorites.I turned her down. I was too busy getting phone numbers of Republican  Congress members to pass on to you.
My friend noticed I had only a few comments and when I glanced early Saturday morning,
I would not have one new comment. I tried to explain to her excellent writers are here,I
am a work in progress. I was missing the point,anyone can find a phone number if they want to.
My friend reminded me I was active in an earlier time. People on "our" side don"t make pests of themselves or would be willing to pester congress folks in all 50 states. Occupy folks would march,but they smell bad and Republicans would laugh.
My friend may be right. I may spend hours gathering phone numbers that you could easily do yourself. I am trying to get someone in this Country to get what I am SCREAMING!
The snakes in Congress started with a reduction in food for the needy. In Oregon,1 out
of every 5 households receive food assistance. In future budgets,fewer and fewer people will be allowed ANY food help and the amount will be less each budget.
The 1% own the Republican party and the rest read comic books and watch Fox.
Unless  people who care become proactive, the bastards win.
The Tea Party folks are as evil a bunch as I have ever seen. They,however,are IN power. We who bitch and moan are outside looking in.
Great writers should shine a mirror on what the bastards are doing.We then should not wait untl election day to change things,the sqeeky wheel needs to be loud. Martin Luther King complained about apathy and apathy is still an enemy in 2013.
I see a tired President. What other president has had a major television network whose
sole job is anti-Obama 24 hours a day 7 days a week? An entire industry is thriving selling hate Obama everything.
I will keep gathering phone numbers and passing them on. Get involved,please. Don"t let the bastards hurt this Country and our families anymore.


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