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I was not sure whether this would be appropriate for a diary, and I know some people, for good reasons can be sticklers on this - so I did reach out to the KOS help desk first, asking if writing a diary would be OK and I did get a response and they did suggest I post on the "main site."

So I apologize in advance if I am doing anything wrong.


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I am looking for help from pertinent talent with in the KOS community.

I have written a book, which is a factual take down of what the GOP has become. The objective is a plea for GOP voters capable of rational thought to consider the consequences of being the junior partner of what has become a fundamentalist movement. This book contains numerous graphs, Charts, tables, pictures and cartoons. I prove with easy and concise math’s that the greater the influence of GOP policies the greater the damage to the economic, educational, health and values of such inhabitants.

It is 290 pages, 100,000 words. One third of the words are my narrative (requiring proof reading) the rest being quotes from numerous sources – from Journalists to research facilities.

I have been advised that there are copyright issues (this does not really concern me – publish and be damned) and possible personal liability issues (this does concern me). The person who advised me was not an expert on the legal side of this stuff but advised that since I am attacking crazy people, crazy people do crazy things and that in the publishing business the far right has a reputation for being litigious.

I do not believe that there is anything libelous in the book – but that does not really matter. My experience in the US Courts suggests to me that the righteous do not always win – and those with money and resources have an out weighted influence.

Since some of the content is inspired by the KOS writers and the KOS community – I thought I might get some assistance. I do not pretend to be able to write so concisely and originally as people like Jed Lewison and Joan McCarter, and I am always very impressed by Markos Moulitsas prognostications.

I am more of a numbers guy, with an international perspective – and quite used to making easy to understand presentations. I have been advised that my best protection is not to try and monetize this project – and money is not a driving factor here. I was also advised that this effort was “hot, exciting and timely”. It is also time sensitive and would take ages to pass through the legal department of a publishing house. It is best read as an “e” read (IPAD, Kindle etc) as it has numerous links to supporting documentation. It is presently in a PDF format.

I need help in proof reading (not a massive job) Editing, Cover design, marketing and most importantly the legal aspects.

I live in the NY area and am willing to pay for personalized assistance and will invest in this project and I would be happy to travel to meet. This book needs to come out of the closet several months before the 2014 elections - at the latest.

"But always I here times winged chariot hurrying near"

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