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Have you ever actually seen a Ronald Reagan film? Which one(s)? Any good?
Have you ever seen any Schwarzenegger films? Did you enjoy them? Would you go see any new ones he makes?
It's Abet and Aid Punsters Day! How can you help the punsters in your life?
Do you know the words to the National Anthem? The Pledge of Allegiance? The Preamble? The Petticoat Junction theme?

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On This Day

In 1519, Moctezuma (not yet vengeful) made the mistake of welcoming Hernán Cortés and his men to Tenochtitlán.

In 1889, Montana became the 41st U.S. state.

In 1892, black and white workers and unions teamed up for what is now called the New Orleans General Strike. In spite of attempts by anti-labor forces to turn the workers against each other, they held firm, and eventually had most of their demands met (quite a rare thing at that time).

In 1933, President Franklin D. Roosevelt unveiled the Civil Works Administration in order to create jobs for millions of unemployed Americans. Too bad Repubs and ConservaDems don't believe in government creating jobs, or we could do this now and repair our badly decaying infrastructure.

In 1960, Richard Nixon was defeated by John F. Kennedy in an extremely close  election for the Presidency of the United States.

In 1966, an antitrust exemption that allowed the National Football League to merge with the upstart American Football League was signed into law by President Lyndon B. Johnson.

In 1966, B movie actor Ronald Reagan was elected Governor of California.

In 2000, Florida began a statewide recount of presidential ballots.

Born on This Day

1777 – Désirée Clary, reluctant queen of Sweden (d. 1860)

1817 - Théophile Hamel, Canadian painter (d. 1870)

 photo TheophileHamel.jpg

1883 - Charles Demuth, U.S. Precisionist painter (d. 1935)

1836 – Milton Bradley, American game manufacturer (d. 1911)

1847 – Bram Stoker, Irish novelist (d. 1912)

1876 - Jean Puy, French Fauvist painter (d. 1960)

1881 – Clarence Gagnon, Canadian painter (d.1942)

1884 – Hermann Rorschach, Swiss psychiatrist (d. 1922) (this will be on the test)

1898 – Marie Prevost, Canadian actress (d. 1937)

 photo MariePrevost.jpg

1900 – Margaret Mitchell, American author of "Gone With the Wind" (d. 1949)

1908 – Martha Gellhorn, American war correspondent and author. (d. 1998) "

1912 – June Havoc, American actress (d. 2010)

 photo JuneHavoc.jpg

1920 – Esther Rolle, American actress (d. 1998)

1922 – Christiaan Barnard, South African heart surgeon (d. 2001)

1935 – Alain Delon, French actor

1936 – Virna Lisi, Italian actress

 photo VirnaLisi.jpg

1944 – Bonnie Bramlett, American singer (Delaney, Bonnie & Friends)

1946 – Roy Wood, English songwriter and musician (Electric Light Orchestra, The Move, Wizzard)

1947 – Minnie Riperton, American singer (d. 1979)

1949 – Bonnie Raitt, American singer

1949 – Wayne LaPierre, whackjob wingnut Executive Vice President of the National Rifle Association whose insanity grows stronger with each passing day.

1952 – Alfre Woodard, American actress

1954 – Rickie Lee Jones, American singer

1966 – Gordon Ramsay, Scottish chef and television host

1968 – Parker Posey, American actress

1975 – Tara Reid, American "actress" (Sharknado!)

1980 – Laura Jane Grace (born Tom Gabel), American punk rock musician (Against Me!)

Died on This Day

1621 - Gerolamo da Ponte, Italian painter (b. 1566)

1674 – John Milton, English poet (b. 1608)

1675 - Allaert van Everdingen, Dutch Baroque landscape marine painter (b. 1621)

1817 – Andrea Appiani, Italian painter (b. 1754)

1830 - Sylvester Shchedrin, Russian landscape painter (b. 1791)

1865 - Carl Friedrich Moritz Müller aka Feuermüller, German genre painter (b. 1807)

 photo Feuermu3080ller.jpg

1880 - Bartholomeus van Hove, Dutch painter (d. 1790)

1890 - David Adolf Constant Artz, Dutch painter (b. 1837)

 photo DavidAdolfConstantArtz.jpg

1905 – Victor Borisov-Musatov, Russian painter (b. 1870)

 photo VictorBorisov-Musatov.jpg

1926 - Joseph Noël Sylvestre, French painter (b. 1847)

 photo JosephNoe3080lSylvestre.jpg

1933 - Vittorio Mateo Corcos, painter (b. 1859)

 photo VittorioMateoCorcos.jpg

1965 – Dorothy Kilgallen, American newspaper columnist (b. 1913)

1974 – Ivory Joe Hunter, American singer-songwriter and pianist (b. 1914)

1978 – Norman Rockwell, American illustrator (b. 1894)

1983 – James Booker, American singer and pianist (b. 1939)

1998 – Rumer Godden, English author (b. 1907)

1998 – Jean Marais, French actor (b. 1913)

1999 – Lester Bowie, American trumpet player and composer (b. 1941)

2010 – Jack Levine, American painter (b. 1915)

 photo JackLevine.jpg

2011 – Heavy D, American hip-hop artist. (b. 1967)

Today is

Try a New Recipe Day
Cook Something Bold and Pungent Day
X-Ray Discovery Day
National Dunce Day
National Cappuccino Day
National Harvey Wallbanger Day
World Urbanism Day
Abet and Aid Punsters Day (!)
National Parents As Teachers Day

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