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In most traditional American Indian cultures, art was not something was to be hung on the wall or put in a display case. Art was a part of everyday life and was not seen as a separate category of life. Art was viewed as a part of the ongoing process of maintaining and encouraging harmony.


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Many Indian cultures, but not all, used moccasins as their footwear and moccasins were often highly decorated with quilling, painting, and beading to enhance their beauty. Many museums today have displays of these moccasins. Some of these displays are shown below.

P5806 photo DSCN5806.jpg

P5810 photo DSCN5810.jpg

P5807 photo DSCN5807.jpg

moccasins photo DSCN6776_zps64b5c012.jpg

Mocassins photo DSCN6774_zpsb7ab6648.jpg

Mocassins photo DSCN6772_zps28667cea.jpg

Mocassins photo DSCN6771_zpsfbae9784.jpg

Mocassins photo DSCN6770_zps10792108.jpg

Flathead Mocassins photo P1070062.jpg

P5689 photo DSCN4689.jpg

P4683 photo DSCN4683.jpg

Welcome to Street Prophets Saturday. This is an open thread. Do you walk through life with beauty? What is the role of art in your world.

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Originally posted to Street Prophets on Sat Nov 30, 2013 at 01:06 PM PST.

Also republished by Pink Clubhouse, Native American Netroots, and Shutterbugs.

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