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These  cuts in the Food Stamp program known as S.N.A.P. are just barbaric.....reading some of the stories about people who now will have trouble feeding their children will just tear your heart out...http://billmoyers.com/...

Of course if you are a Republican there is no heart to tear out!  Oh they will say it's needed because we can't spend money on freeloaders who just want to suck off the government teat as it were.   Apparently the same philosophy doesn't hold when it comes to the military.   More after the orange thing


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As a progressive thinking human, I've always figured there was waste in military spending but it has always been kind of a vague , hazy concept.  An article byJohn LaForge in Consortium News has really brought things into sharper focus.....http://truth-out.org/...

The waste and fraud is even worse than I had ever imagined

I had always thought the military brass would welcome any money for any program thrown their way...but LaForge says even the military can only take so much..

Even more insulting are the weapons programs unwanted by the pentagon that keep getting funded again and again.  Military brass have said the new Joint-Strike fighter jet bomber ( or F-35) and additional upgrades to the M-1 Abrams tanks are unnecessary. The 6,000 completed M-1 upgrades are enough says DOD.  Baltimore Sun blogger Terry Munson reported Aug. 17  that zeroing the Abrams rehab program would save 3.5 billion dollars
LaForge goes on to say that the Pentagon itself  has suggested cutting programs that would amount to saving 3.6 billion by 2017 but somebody won't let them...
The same congressional budget cutters who call for small government have insured the useless military boondoggles in their districts stay big---even while providing fewer jobs per billions of dollars spent than any other sector of expenditure.
You know what, if you want to vote to keep the pork in your district, fine, I get the time honored tradition. But don't turn around and take food out of the mouths of starving children because you want to cut down on waste and fraud and keep government small.. YOu ca't have it jboth ways!!
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