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Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin (R) shakes hands with Chinese Vice President Xi Jinping in Moscow on March 23, 2010. &nbsp;Putin affirmed Russia's support for China's position on Taiwan at a meeting with Xi Jinping. &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; AFP PHOTO / POOL / MISHA JAPARIDZE (Photo credit should read MISHA JAPARIDZE/AFP/Getty Images)
Because of all the hooting and hollering the Israelis are making about “any” potential deal reached with Iran, its plain to see who has no interest, patience or appetite for a diplomatic solution to the Iranian nuclear program. Remaining the perennial obstinate obstructionist, the Israeli government is now using every political tool, flunky and paid Congressional surrogate to curtail any efforts on the part of the Obama administration to forge an agreement that is not the the liking and complete benefit of Israel.

As it stands today, President Obama’s Secretary of State John Kerry will face the U.S. Banking Committee on bended knee with hat in hand begging for more time before Israeli stooges commence leveling even harsher sanctions against Iran. Similar conversations are being considered in Parliaments all over Europe between lackeys more loyal to Israel than global stability and world peace, let alone what’s in the best interest of their own sovereign states. Why such an aggressive stance is being opted for when negotiations seem to be baring fruit is only a mystery to those seeking a non military solutions to the impasse.


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With the U.S. and Europe having been totally compromised by Israeli special interest, Russia and China have no such constraints. Not being hamstrung by “special relationships”, they’re the only ones independent enough to reset the debate.

The Nuclear Free Middle East Option:

Since the Chinese and the Russians have no dog in the fight, save for wasted business opportunities, only they can push for the Nuclear Free Middle East option. This option would change the debate, This option would level the playing field. This option would be acceptable to the international community. This option would give cover to weak and dependent legislators in Congress and their Europeans counterparts.

If the Israelis knew the Russians and Chinese were moving toward proposing the elimination of all WMD’s in the Middle East, Israel would quickly see the value in allowing present proposals receive unobstructed consideration. President Obama and his tainted Western allies could never propose such a broad, wide ranging, comprehensive and globally acceptable approach without catching holy hell from their silent political handlers.

While the Israelis have bitched and complained relentlessly to gain unfettered access into every nook and cranny of Iran’s nuclear operation, its highly doubtful they’d welcome the same level of scrutiny. In fact, the Israelis recoil at the very notion of admitting they’re nuclear armed. Hence, the Russian and Chinese are perfectly positioned to take the lead in shaping the narrative.

If this strategy is employed, it will solve a multitude of issues. The global economy would get a boost from the relaxation of tensions. The region could relax if it knew verifiable measures were in place to insure nobody had “the bomb”. The Saudis could chill, other concerned gulf states could chill and President Obama could still claim he kept his promise to keep the Iranians from getting “the”bomb”. And finally, after decades the Iranians could chill with a relaxation of crippling economic sanctions.

Valdimir Putin could be the world’s hero again, something he’d love to do. Considering his performance on the Syrian conflict and the accolades he received for averting a disastrous intervention, just think how the international community would respond and appreciate his global leadership on this issue.

This tactic alone could Put Putin and Russia back in the limelight. Besides, Vladimire Putin needs to do something big to offset the certain backlash Russia will face during the Sochi Olympics. We think his backward policies toward the LGBT community will stunt his growth in the long run.

Bottom line: Stop the BS, Go for a Nuclear free Middle East

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