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You ought to be out raising hell. This is the fighting age. Put on your fighting clothes.
                                                      -Mother Jones

Saturday November 14, 1903
Chicago, Illinois - Firemen join striking street car employees in sympathy strike.

From the Pennsylvania Tyrone Daily Herald:

Firemen Go Out And Teamsters May Get Into the Affair.

Chicago, Nov. 14.-A new move in the strike of the employes of the Chicago City Railway company occurred, when the 250 firemen employed by the company went out. Under heavy police protection, 25 cars were run at irregular intervals during the day. While there was no active interference with the handling of the cars, the crowds that lined the streets jeered and hooted the police and the non-union men almost without intermission.

The officials of the street car company were inclined to view the day's work as being successful and on the whole satisfactory. They announced they were prepared to run more cars, and it was then that the situation was complicated by the sudden strike of the firemen employed in all six engine houses owned by the company. An agreement was signed some days ago with the firemen, which was to last for a year. There was a clause in the contract which gave the firemen discretion to go on a sympathetic strike if the company declined to arbitrate with the employes now on strike. The company explained its attitude on arbitration, and said that it had always been willing to arbitrate the question of wages. The firemen then signed the contract which was repudiated. The officials of the Firemen's Union declared that they had ordered the strike because the company had declined their offer to mediate between the company and the employes now on strike.

The real danger in this last strike lies in the attitude of the teamsters. They may decline to deliver coal to the company if non-union firemen are employed, and the company has but three days' supply on hand.

Tyrone Daily Herald
(Tyrone, PA)
-of Nov 14, 1903


Friday November 14, 1913
Trinidad, Colorado - Judge Northcutt attacks Louie Tikas and the Greek miners at Ludlow

Jesse G. Northcutt, former Colorado district judge, is the publisher of the Trinidad Chronicle-News, he has also been hired on as attorney for the coal operators. Furthermore, he is known to assist John J. Hendrick, the district attorney for Colorado's Third Judicial District which covers Las Animas and Huerfano counties. How handy for the operators to have one of their own working within the criminal justice system under which striking miners are being prosecuted!

Thus, we see that Judge Jesse G. Northcutt plays several roles within the strike zone: "respected" former Judge, attorney for one side of the conflict, and the assistant to the prosecutor of those on the other side of the conflict. Let us now add to that list, the role of master of public opinion through the pages of the Trinidad Chronicle-News:

"Louie the Greek" leader of three hundred of his country men-striking miners at the Ludlow tent colony, is perhaps the most conspicuous figure in the industrial war in southern Colorado. "Louie the Greek" is shrewd and fearless-a veteran of the Balkan war, and he controls the Greeks at the tent colony with a spoken word, a lift of the eye brows or a gesture of his hand.
The above is from the November 11th edition of the Judge's newspaper. A week earlier, the Chronicle described Louie's fellow Greek miners as:
..a band of warlike Greeks who have been carrying on guerrilla warfare in the hills for weeks and who have repeatedly declined to obey the orders of the strike leaders.
As reporting goes, the job done here is not such a great one. Tikas never went to war in the Balkans, although several of his fellow Greek miners did. Louie Tikas is, in fact, a United States Citizen. He is a respected leader in the Ludlow Tent Colony where he is known for his quiet, clam manner in the face of severe provocation from the deputized company gunthugs.

And as to armed Balkan War Veterans in the Ludlow Tent Colony, all we have to say is: Thank God, the miners and their families have some protection from the hundreds of imported deputized armed gunthugs with their machine guns, high powered rifles, searchlights, and the Death Special which roams the strike zone at will.

Louie Tikas with star
John Lawson to his right
Judge Jesse G. Northcutt was seen riding in that very same Death Special which contains the mounted machine gun which killed Brother Luca Vahernick at the Forbes Tent Colony. The Judge was found in the Death Special along with the gunthugs Belcher and Belk at Forbes the morning after the attack by John Lawson. It was Louie Tikas who stepped between Lawson and Belk in that quiet, calm way of his, and perhaps, saved Lawson's life.


Buried Unsung
Louis Tikas and the Ludlow Massacre

-by Zeese Papanikolas
U of Utah Press, 1982

Blood Passion
The Ludlow Massacre and Class War
 in the American West

-by Scott Martelle
Rutgers U Press, 2008

Photo: Ludlow Symposium



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Thursday November 14, 2013
More on Judge Jesse G Northcutt working with District Attorney Hendrick:

About the only role Hendrick did not allow Northcutt to perform was delivering the opening and closing statements in trials; he reserved that job for himself. Northcutt handled interviews with witnesses, investigations of crimes, decisions on what charges to file, and some courtroom appearances. "I generally put as much work on him as I can," Hendrick said. The net effect was the overt co-option of local legal authority by the mine operators, which, combined with the deputizing of Baldwin-Felts gunmen and mine guards, cemented the miners' hard-to-refute belief that the local political structure had been corrupted against them.
-per Martelle, see above.


Eμπρός της γης οι κολασμένοι
Της πείνας σκλάβοι εμπρός εμπρός
Το δίκιο απ τον κρατήρα βγαίνει
Σα βροντή σαν κεραυνός

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Originally posted to Hellraisers Journal on Thu Nov 14, 2013 at 11:00 AM PST.

Also republished by Shamrock American Kossacks, In Support of Labor and Unions, Anti-Capitalist Chat, and History for Kossacks.

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