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I know this isnt a diary as much as it is a rant, but I have to say it....

Ive never seen a dumber party of spineless scared jellyfish then these so called Democrats who want to try to change the ACA law to allow people to keep the junk insurance they had. It makes me embarrassed to be a Democrat.

Its just so crazy and short sighted!  You fight for 40 years to get health reform, you use up tons of political capital to finally get it, you lose the 2010 elections because of it, and then when its finally here and all the shit you took to get it, a month into it, you freak out and want to cripple it because the stupid web site doesnt work?  Can you imagine if these dummies were here when Medicare was first passed?  Ugh!

How dumb..sink or swim, you are connected to the law no matter what. Pasing a law letting people keep the junk insurance to try to "FIX" the ACA will only cripple the ACA long term, and you will lose elections based on it anyway. Even if you pass this new so called short term fix, it wont ever prevent the crazy republicans from going after you for supporting the ACA law anyway...I mean how dumb can you be!

Only thing to do is wait, take the heat, and ride it out!!! STAND AND FIGHT BACK!!!  The numbers can only get better not worse!  The Web site can only get better not worse! The public perception will only get better as the media, that is so happy to savage the release of this law, will HAVE TO eventually do stories on how things are getting better....that will be just in time for the lead up to the Elections next year where this will be the comeback story of 2014!!!!

If all this doesnt happen in time for 2014 then, so what, you lose...big Deal! Obama will still be President and veto any attempts to overturn the law...The law will still stand and not get changed or overturned, and will only get better over time just like Soc Security and Medicare! You dont sacrifice or cripple a good law that is good for the country for your stupid short term political careers!  You sacrifice your career for the good of the country!  

Advice to Democrats! Grow a spine and stand your ground...the web site might suck but the law is good and will work if you just let the thing breathe for a few more months...


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