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Live video and previous updates here.

8:58 AM PT: President Obama was scheduled to begin at 11:35 AM ET, which was pushed back to 11:45 AM ET, and is now expected to begin at some point in the near future.

9:03 AM PT: President Obama is at the podium, and starting with a statement about the disaster in the Philippines.

9:05 AM PT: On ACA: "I think it's fair to say that the rollout has been rough so far ... fraught with a whole range of problems."

9:08 AM PT: Now running through the basic stats: 1 million registered but not all of whom have picked a plan, 100k+ completed process and picked a plan, nearly 400k with Medicare Medicaid.

9:10 AM PT: "Today I'm offering an idea that will help" fix the problem of cancellations. Basically will allow insurance commissioners to allow insurance companies to renew all existing plans for another year.

9:12 AM PT: Important point: Obama reminds people the old individual market was broken. "That's why I will not accept" proposals that are "just an attempt to drag us back into the broken system." Encourages people who want to continue their current policies to at least look at exchanges and shop for better plans.

9:15 AM PT: AP wants to know if health care rollout has breeched the public's trust in government. That might be a reasonable topic, but I honestly can't think of a stupider question to ask the president.

9:16 AM PT: Obama says "we fumbled the rollout" which will convince electronic media that AP's question was the best question ever.

9:20 AM PT: Major Garrett raises the "if you like your plan" pledge and asks Obama if he knew the website wouldn't work before it launched. Obama answers second question first, and says he didn't know. On the first question, Obama acknowledges that he hasn't delivered on the pledge, but says it was offered sincerely. He notes the law has a grandfather clause, buts says that the grandfather clause was insufficient.

9:28 AM PT: Question on Iran: "Our policy is we do not want Iran to have nuclear weapons and we are leaving all options on the table" to achieve that policy. Says hopes sanctions bring Iran to the table so that a nonmilitary solution can be reached.


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