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From Longshore and Shipping News:

Oscar López
Colombian trade unionist murdered, others face immediate risk
Our condolences go out to Mr. López’ family, friends and colleagues. Nuestras condolencias a los familiares, compañeros de trabajo y amigos del señor López.

Oscar López Triviño was murdered on November 9 in the Colombian city of Bugalagrande a day after he and other members of his union, SINALTRAINAL, received death threats from paramilitaries.


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From Democracy Now!

In Colombia, a Nestlé worker has been shot dead after his union received death threats from a right-wing paramilitary group. Oscar López was shot four times at a local bar by unknown gunmen over the weekend. He and other union workers had been on strike from a Nestlé factory as part of a struggle for union organizing rights. Colombia is one of the most dangerous countries in the world for union members. A recent report by a pair of U.S. lawmakers found 22 unionists were murdered for their organizing last year alone.

Amnesty International requesting urgent action:

Please write immediately in Spanish or your own language:
■ Calling on the authorities to order a full and impartial investigation into the killing of Oscar López Triviño
and the death threats against the members of SINALTRAINAL in Valle del Cauca, and to publish the results and
bring those responsible to justice;
■ Expressing concern for José Onofre Esquivel Luna, Álvaro Varela Pérez and others of SINALTRAINAL and
demanding that the authorities provide protection for those threatened, as agreed with those in danger;
■ Urging Nestlé to cooperate fully with criminal investigations into the latest killing and threats and calling on
the Colombian authorities to ensure that full and impartial investigations are advanced.

Señor Juan Manuel Santos
Presidente de la República, Palacio de
Nariño, Carrera 8 No.7–26,
Bogotá, Colombia
Fax: +57 1 596 0631 (keep trying)
Salutation: Dear President
Santos/Excmo. Sr. Presidente Santos

Nestlé S.A.
Mr Paul Bulcke
Chief Executive Officer
Nestlé S.A.,
Av. Nestlé 55,
1800 Vevey, Switzerland
Salutation: Dear Mr Bulcke

And copies to:
Carrera 15 # 35–18
Bogotá, Colombia

Also send copies to diplomatic representatives accredited to your country.

More information from Amnesty International and how you can help the courageous Unionist of Colombia:
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Originally posted to WE NEVER FORGET on Thu Nov 14, 2013 at 12:58 PM PST.

Also republished by In Support of Labor and Unions.

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