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So far, ShelterBox has committed aid for 4,000 families in the Philippines
Supplies previously positioned at Clark Air Base on Luzon have all been deployed
Additional aid positioned in neighboring countries are en route to impacted areas
504 ShelterBox tents have now arrived in Manila, Philippines.
Nine response team members are on the ground with more members on the way
An extra 200 ShelterBoxes were packed by warehouse volunteers at ShelterBox HQ
286 ShelterBoxes and 250 tents were delivered to Bohol shortly after the earthquake struck and now the ShelterBox Response Teams in the region are nearing completion of the distribution process.
224 ShelterBoxes and 576 ShelterBox tents are currently en route to Cebu
Two of the three Response Teams are now operating in Cebu, which is one of the areas worst affected by the Typhoon.
Donate here to ShelterBox designated aid to the Philippines.
more of the squiggle.

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Well we have done 4 Boxes but I know that we have done more than that because stevenwag has spoken to ShelterBox headquarters and explained to Tiffany why there is an extra penny in the donation.  stevwag is also a ShelterBox ambassador!!

So, i feel it is important to say that the community does not need to tell me what they are donating.  But just pleeeeese donate what you can, even small amounts donated will add up and help save children from the elements.
About ShelterBox.....

OUR VISION is of a world in which basic emergency needs for survivors of disasters are rapidly met.  

OUR MISSION is to deliver humanitarian relief in the form of equipment and materials that bring shelter, warmth and dignity to people made homeless by natural or other disasters worldwide.

OUR GOAL is to help 50,000 families who lose everything in a disaster every year and with your help we will achieve this goal.


INNOVATION: We are creative in finding effective solutions and are always improving the quality of our work to make sure we deliver the best aid package possible for families affected by disasters.

SPEED: Our fleetness of foot lets us operate in the dust and debris of a disaster. We act fast and we strive to reach families in the shortest time possible. Our speed is mirrored in our responsiveness to our supporters and partners.

COLLABORATION: Collaboration is key to continued development and the effective delivery of aid. We work collaboratively with local, national and international partners to maximize our impact. We encourage participation in our work especially from the families we help following disasters.

ACCOUNTABILITY: We are dedicated to delivering a quality aid package that represents value while being accountable to our supporters, partners and to every person who receives support from ShelterBox.

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Originally posted to TexMex on Fri Nov 15, 2013 at 10:11 AM PST.

Also republished by Shelter Box diaries.

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