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I often conclude that the problem with Democrats is that they're too nice.

For example, faced with a bunch of whiny petulant children who are determined to destroy everything the Democrats have fought for during the ACA debate, simply for perceived short-term gain ... the Democrats response is to try to help them work through their issues with temporary fixes.

I say ... throw them an anchor.  The Senate should take the House Bill, and add one simple provision - anyone who wants can keep their non-ACA compliant policy ... but if they do so, they permanently forfeit all ACA protections.

Remember what was said about our government guaranteeing that you'll always be able to buy a policy, regardless of pre-existing conditions?  Yeah - that was for people who actually got with the program from day one, rather than screaming publicly that they're going to have to pay more money to get a policy that has less than a $10,000 deductible, or doesn't cap their annual benefits at a level that leaves them open to fiscal ruin if they ever suffer a serious medical condition, and by the way won't re-insure them anymore after they suffer that condition.

The Republicans keep talking about personal responsibility - and I think Obama and the Dems would do well to let those who want to "opt out" to do so.  But make it clear that opting out means that 10 years from now when you are diagnosed with diabetes or kidney problems that Obamacare isn't going to be forcing some insurance company to sell you a Silver Plan.  You will then be free to go negotiate individually with insurers to find someone who will help you out with that insulin or dialysis.

A few years from now, we'll start to hear stories about how grateful these people are that the GOP saved them from being part of a system designed to prevent Big Insurance from screwing them.  And those stories will be a lot more heartwringing than hearing that some poor SOB is going to have to pay $250 more a month next year for his significant upgrade in insurance coverage that he didn't want to have to buy.

At that point, the Dems can decide if they want to be nice or not.  Right now, they should be cold-hearted bastards about it and structure the Bill to ensure that opting out of Obamacare today means leaving yourself permanently at the mercy of Big Insurance, with no big bad Federal Government to broker for you.  For the Galtians who want to jump on that island, good luck as the sea level rises.


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