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    I'm sorry it takes me so long. Only now, after a battle with bills, which has been mostly won, do I have the means, at this point, to purchase the supplies for more than one or two paintings a month.
     Second, I am still a little wobbly with the smartphone, not just with connecting the various files, but lousy typing. I think I need a new battery too.
     Thirdly, it was very difficult to get photos of gun victims from the usual media, instead of big glossy photos of the shooters. However, with a connection to a citywide memorial site, the "volunteers" for the third and fourth squadron are already lined up. The only problem now is that I am not a fast artist, but with a real winter coming on, I should have much more time for this march.

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    Starting out leading this squad is "majorette" Gennie Shird. Beautiful, smart, confident in her blossoming womanhood, this budding college student had come home from studying in Barcelona to catch up with friends. we will never know if that happened.
     Behind her is Aaliyah Boyer, a rural lass who got to stay up all the way to midnight on New years eve at grandpa's house, just like I did when I was ten. I'm going to spend this New Years Eve writing a poem to her memory on said memorial website.
     Please, instead of celebrating New Years with a bang, can we all do it with a toast instead? Champagne, wine, beer, sparkling water...just lock the gun away for one night.
     Honoring the parade, if not quite the mayor, is the budding freshman city Councilman Kenneth Harris Sr. Whether he would have continued in public service, we will never know as a robber blasted his life short while he made a restroom break coming home from a family outing.
     Representing security escort, is budding freshman officer Vincent Adolpho. He's the earliest victim I have done so far. He died in the line of duty while accidently demonstrating just how woefully inadequate chest protectors were 30 years ago.
     When a little child is painted, it is without doubt the most painful task. To paint a young parent gunned down and leaving behind tiny tot orphans is maddening.
     Victoria Glover was born the same year Vincent Adolpho died. She holds an empty car seat. As her last act on earth, the young nurse receptionist and mother of three was buckling her 3-year old in his car seat when her estranged husband sped by with his automatic and gunned her down.
     For the toddler daughter of first-time budding parents, Meghan Kerrigan and William Monroe unless this crusade can be taken somewhat seriously, her legacy will be to grow up learning that Mommy and Daddy's killer from next door valued her parent's lives as being worth less than $5 apiece.
     Beginning with Joseph Haskins, budding chef, and Deshaun Jones, budding rapper, I have finally started to portray African-American boys that could be called "Trayvon's brothers". Along with Neal Hunt, these African American males have to come out more than anyone. Not only do the present three not cover the tip of the iceberg, but they will represent only a spoonful of ice shaved off the tip of the iceberg.
     It looks like the third and fourth squadrons will be chock loaded full of African American young men.
     You can check out Deshaun"s rap music at You Tube under Lor D'Shaun
     For city resident and budding photographer Alex Ulrich, I wonder if he would have ever been interested in photographing something like this.
     Lastly is Cy Young award winning pitcher, Mike Flanagan. So far he will stand out as the first and so far only suicide by gun portrayed . I know I sound a bit careless in describing these portraits as they come to me, but by trying to bring out and celebrate the lives of the victims and demonstrating what America loses with its Gun God Idol, I am being very serious and determined and heartfelt. They are not for sale. I want them to go home to their loved ones someday. I believe they can help save their country. It is not time for any of us to rest in peace.

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Originally posted to Audreybeardsley on Wed Nov 20, 2013 at 08:01 AM PST.

Also republished by Repeal or Amend the Second Amendment (RASA).

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