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Every year around Halloween time Bill O'Reilly and the other idiots at Fox News begin spouting about the so called "War On Christmas." Heck the half Governor of Alaska recently came out with a book on this subject.

Well, I guess because it's a benefit to corporations nobody has anything to say about the War On Thanksgiving.  With more and more stores opening all or part of Thanksgiving Day, they are even removing this Holiday from their workers.  

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With very few exceptions, Thanksgiving is the only holiday celebrated throughout the Nation.  People travel miles to be with their families with some booking air flights months in advance and with many saving vacation time to do this. Diets are forgotten as you stuff yourself with Turkey, stuffing, potatoes, that stringbean dish (the one my family advised me if I ever made again they'll immediately throw it in the garbage), pumpkin pie and other goodies based on your family heritage.

This year, Hanakkah also begins at sundown on Thanksgiving evening.  Department stores and other retail chains have literally told employees that they cannot take off the day before, day after or Thanksgiving Day!  Imagine finding out a week before you were due to start your vacation that your company has cancelled it if you work for any of the stores that have selected to be open on Thanksgiving Day (even those who won't open until after 8 PM). Their reason for this is that this year there are only 28 days between Thanksgiving and Christmas Day and they need to make sales for their end of year profits!

This is appauling and I want to see what our broadcasters are saying about it (Rachel Maddow has spoken about it and she feels as I do).  Where is Fox, CNN, CBS, NBC and ABC?  Look, I was raised Catholic and I've resented for years when I go shopping and want to purchase a gift card that 99.9% of them say "Happy Holidays" and not Merry Christmas.  A few years ago I was in Macy*s and the cashier said "Happy Holidays" to me and I replied to her "Merry Christmas" (heck, it's always been Merry Christmas so why shouldn't I say it).  Well, her face lit up like a Christmas Tree and she gave me a big smile and then said "Merry Christmas" to me.  

I resent very much so that Thanksgiving is now becoming the new Christmas for corporation stores and that they're now taking this Holiday away from their employees (I don't have a job so I don't have to worry about this nor is there anyone in my family that this will effect) although at a previous job Management did open for 2 years on the day after Thanksgiving but when more than half of the staff (including management) took that day as a vacation day they went back to giving us the day after Thanksgiving off. Soon we'll find them opening Christmas Day for those who want last minute gifts (look you've got 28 damn days this year to get your shopping done for family and friends and if you can't decide what to buy them then just get those damn gift cards and everyone will be happy).  

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