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Finally, Americans are getting some news coverage of their neighbor on the northern border. Having lived four years in Canada as a student and as a frequent visitor to Toronto, I am well aware of the complaints that Canadians have about their rich and powerful cousin. I remember one of my Canadian professors making the point about how Canadian airwaves are infiltrated by American TV stations while America provides hardly any coverage about Canada.

As a student in Canada in the 70s, I was aware of events going on in America because American TV stations dominated the Canadian airwaves. I knew also a lot about current events in Canada from watching the local TV stations, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) TV, and reading newspapers. Today, if you ask me who the Canadian prime minister is, I would not be able to answer that question. In fact, the only time I remember that there is a country called Canada is when I have to make phone calls to friends there.

Perhaps American TV stations don't cover Canadian news because nothing exciting seems to happen in Canada. The country does not have radical politicians like those of the Tea party ilk; they don't or rarely have mass shootings; they don't have the kind of social problems you find here; and they don't meddle in other countries business. It is no wonder then that American TV provides little to no coverage on Canadian news.

Recently, though, Canada has been well covered by American TV. Thanks to the irascible mayor of Toronto, Rob Ford who has been accused of smoking crack cocaine. By his own admission, the mayor who sometimes seems like a buffoon admitted to the Toronto City Council that he has smoked crack cocaine. Despite being stripped of some of his powers by the City Council, the embattled mayor refuses to step down. He is lucky though, because if he was a US mayor accused of using crack cocaine, he would probably be looking at a long prison sentence.

It is unfortunate that Mayor Ford has facilitated this kind of American news coverage for his country. Canada is a good country and deserves better than Rob Ford. If the Canadian Constitution does not allow for his removal from office, it should be amended to remove politicians like Mayor Ford who makes poor judgment by committing an egregious offense.

Public officials like Mayor Ford who betray the public trust should resign or demit office immediately. Their failure to do so only reinforces the perception and cynicism that many people have of corruption in politics. The people of Toronto should be outraged that their mayor has involved himself with hardcore drug users. This outrage would help to send a strong message to the egotistical mayor - who seems to think he still has a right to continue his duties as mayor - and force him to resign.  


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