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Swiss vote no to capping bosses' pay at 12 times lowest paid

Swiss voters have rejected a proposal that would have limited executive pay to 12 times that of the lowest paid.
The referendum saw 65.3% vote against the plan with 34.7% in favour.
The country is home to a range of giant businesses, including pharmaceutical companies Novartis and Roche, the insurance groups Zurich and Swiss Re and the banks UBS and Credit Suisse.
The rules would have given Switzerland the world's toughest pay rules and some of the lowest executive salaries.
Business leaders said that would limit foreign investment and the government was also opposed to the proposal.
The Young Socialists, who proposed the measure, admitted defeat.

Huge Ukraine rally over EU agreement delay

More than 100,000 people in the Ukrainian capital Kiev are protesting against the government's move to delay an association deal with the EU under pressure from Russia.
The protest is said to be the largest since the 2004 Orange Revolution, which overturned a rigged presidential poll.
Police fired tear gas as protesters tried to break through a cordon around government buildings.
A pro-government rally a few miles away attracted about 10,000 people.
Kiev police said they had fired tear gas after protesters threw a smoke grenade at officers in an attempt to break into the Cabinet of Ministers building.
Ukraine made the decision on the EU deal last week, saying it could not afford to break ties with Moscow. Russia is trying to bring Kiev into its own customs union.

New York clerk paid lottery winner $1,000 instead of $1 million, police say

(CNN) -- Congratulations, the $10 lottery ticket you just bought in our convenience store is worth $1,000! Here's your money!
Should you be suspicious?
If you're a customer at the Peninsula Deli & Grocery in Hempstead, New York, the answer may be yes.
The store's owner and his son, a clerk, were arraigned Saturday on grand larceny charges, accused of trying to cheat the unnamed lottery winner, whose ticket actually was worth 1,000 times what they gave him.
Their attorney said the real culprit was a malfunctioning lottery machine, CNN affiliate WCBS-TV reported.
In either case, the winner was smart to question his apparent good luck.
MI6 codebreaker Gareth Williams' death 'perfect crime,' expert says

Eat your heart out, Houdini

CNN) -- The death of MI6 codebreaker Gareth Williams -- whose naked body was found inside an externally locked bag in his bathtub in 2010 -- was a "perfect crime," a confined spaces expert says.
Peter Faulding said he disagreed with Scotland Yard's conclusion that Williams most likely locked himself in the bag, saying it was his belief that the MI6 worker was murdered.
Last week, London's Metropolitan Police said its three-year investigation had found a lack of evidence to show that someone else had been involved in Williams' death. The police position differs from a 2012 coroner's report, which said it was likely he had been killed.

Deadly western storm extends to Texas; East Coast in its sights

(CNN) -- A deadly winter storm that began in Southern California and stretches to Texas threatens to wreck Thanksgiving week travel plans all the way to the Atlantic.
At least five people have lost their lives in traffic crashes blamed on the storm system since late last week.
An arctic air mass is expected to keep temperatures 15 to 20 degrees below normal along the East Coast through Thursday. Even if the system fails to deliver heavy snow, it could cause air travel disruptions with high winds, forecasters say.
Airlines flying in and out of Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport "pre-canceled about 300 departures to reduce the number of stranded travelers" Sunday in "anticipation of winter precipitation," the airport's official Twitter account said.
N Y Times

A Most Expensive Book

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. — THE first English-language book printed in the New World is scheduled to be auctioned on Tuesday by Sotheby’s of New York. It’s expected to command between $15 million and $30 million — more than anyone, anywhere, has ever paid for a printed book.
eventeen hundred copies of “The Whole Booke of Psalmes” were printed in Cambridge, Mass., in 1640; only 11 survive, making it scarcer than the Gutenberg Bible, of which there are 48 known copies. Five of the surviving copies of “The Whole Booke of Psalmes,” also known as the “Bay Psalm Book,” come from a collection begun by Thomas Prince. Prince was minister of Boston’s Old South Meeting House, the church where Benjamin Franklin and his sister Jane were baptized in 1706 and 1712.
NY Times

Syria Seen as Most Dire Refugee Crisis in a Generation

Nearly three years of bloody civil war in Syria have created what the United Nations, governments and international humanitarian organizations describe as the most challenging refugee crisis in a generation — bigger than the one unleashed by the Rwandan genocide and laden with the sectarianism of the Balkan wars. With no end in sight in the conflict and with large parts of Syria already destroyed, governments and organizations are quietly preparing for the refugee crisis to last years.

Syrians have been pouring out of their country in recent months, fleeing an increasingly violent and murky conflict that is pitting scores of armed groups against one another as much as against the government. Numbering just 300,000 one year ago, the refugees now total 2.1 million, and the United Nations predicts their numbers could swell to 3.5 million by the end of the year.

USA Today

Feeling old lately?

Mick Jagger to become great-grandfather

Mick Jagger going to be a great-grandfather early next year.
His daughter Jade told The Sunday Times that her 21-year-old daughter, Assisi, expects to give birth in several months. But Jade, 42, says that gaining a great-grandchild is "no longer particularly fascinating" to her father now that he already has grandchildren.
Assisi tells Hello! magazine that the 70-year-old Rolling Stones frontman was happy when she told him her big news. "He said, 'Well done,'" she tells the magazine. "I imagine it's nice to be a great-granddad, although I'm not sure he likes the idea of getting old, or being called one. I call him Mick — I wouldn't start calling him grandpa
This was especially interesting for me since I heat with wood.

N Y Times
Contest Aims for a Cleaner-Burning Wood Stove

WASHINGTON — Only blocks away, the Energy Department manages the search for quarks and NASA scours the heavens for Earth-like planets. But inside a big white tent on the National Mall, the focus is on something simpler: oak, ash and elm, and how to make them heat a house with as little pollution as possible.
It is not rocket science, but the 12 teams that are competing to solve the problem are finding ways to get twice as much heat out of a log of firewood. The effort preserves woodlands, reduces the labor and expense for the mostly low-income people who use wood, and cleans the air.

The stoves on display here, in a tent with a dozen chimneys incongruously poking through the roof, use combinations of computer controls, catalytic converters and sophisticated gas-flow modeling.

S F Gate

Tesla CEO expects feds to clear Model S in fires

DETROIT (AP) — The leader of upstart automaker Tesla Motors says he is confident that its Model S electric car is safe and will be cleared by a federal investigation into two battery fires.
CEO Elon Musk said the fires, which occurred when metal road debris pierced the underbody of the cars at highway speeds, are extreme cases. He doesn't expect a recall and said his engineers are not working on any fixes for the battery-powered cars.
"In both cases it was a large piece of metal essentially braced against the tarmac," Musk said in an interview Friday with The Associated Press.

WATCH: ‘Breaking Bad’ stars learn their characters’ fates for the first time

A video of Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston’s first read-through of the script of “Felina,” the series finale of Breaking Bad, was released online yesterday.
It shows a stunned Paul and an incredulous Cranston reading aloud as they discover the fates of their respective characters, Jesse Pinkman and Walter White.
“Prepare yourself people, because it’s happening,” Paul says as he prepares to read his final lines.
After they finish, the pair pauses for a moment. Then Cranston says, “So I guess there won’t be a sequel. How you feeling?”

“I feel sad,” Paul replies. “It’s perfect.”

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