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Jeb Bush used to actually have the illusion of class.  He used to seem like the "Reasonable Republican", but now we can see those are about as plentiful as a herd of Unicorns on the fields of Trenzalore.

It's truly amazing.  This is like the Empty Chair Speech where Clint Eastwood imagined that the current sitting President would be so crass as to tell his Republican opponent to "Go Fuck Himself" - all over again.

There's nothing - Nothing - about this that bodes well for the current state of the Conservative Psyche.


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Their mental version of Obama isn't all that different from their mental picture of Trayvon Martin.  Violent and Dangerous and Petty.  It's the same thing, they simply can't escape the vision of the Angry. Black. Thug. tm even when a well-dressed, well spoken, highly educated, intelligent, even tempered, considerate and more than a ton accommodating Black Man who happens to be the leader of the Free World is before them.. they still see nothing more than a Mean Little Punk.

A Muslim. A Kenyan. An America Hater, the Food Stamp President who wants everyone in the Country in the Thrall of the Federal Government as PAYBACK for Slavery - and who I guess must hate Catholics because - well - why not, right? We got 'em, why not Hate Them?

But scratch the surface of this little fantasy and it  falls apart faster than a paper machete mache castle doused in liter fluid.

First of all, the Embassy isn't being "Closed" - it's being moved Closer to the Vatican as part of a process that was initiated By His Brother.

There are no embassies for any country in Vatican City itself — there is simply no room. All countries locate their embassies in the city of Rome. The United States has decided to move its embassy from its current location — an unremarkable converted residence — to the same compound as the U.S. Embassy to Italy. It will have it’s own separate building and a separate entrance on a different street. The new building is actually a tenth of a mile closer to the Vatican than the old one. There will be no reduction in staff or activities.


The State Department says the move, which will actually occur in 2015, will save $1.4 million per year and allow for greater security.

Imagine that, Obama is moving the Embassy to a) Save Money and b) Improve Security.  Now, why on Earth would he ever care about such things?

The second part is that the Catholic Church doesn't oppose Obamacare. They actually have enthusiastically endorsed it.

Washington, DC, September 20, 2011 (LifeSiteNews.com) - The Catholic Health Association (CHA) released a statement last week lauding the effects of Obama’s health care reform program.

“Provisions of the Affordable Care Act that became effective last year have helped millions get the coverage they need,” wrote CHA President Carol Keehan.
Sr. Carol Keehan of the Catholic Health Association.

“At least 500,000 young adults (ages 18-24), for example, obtained health insurance last year, a two percentage point increase that is the result of an ACA provision allowing young adults to stay on their parents’ plan,” Keehan continued.

She went on to urge lawmakers to “keep our nation’s vulnerable persons in mind” as they deliberate over fiscal policy.

In fact a majority of Catholics even support the Contraceptive Policy.
Public Policy Polling conducted the new poll on behalf of a coalition that includes Planned Parenthood and NARAL Pro-Choice America. The findings indicate that Obama gained some ground with Catholics by altering the policy. An earlier PPP poll found that 53 percent of Catholic voters approved of the White House's original mandate, which required religious employers to provide contraception coverage directly.
There is an outstanding case going to the Supreme Court over that very issue, but it's certainly not something that deserves Retaliation over.  It's a difference of opinion, a disagreement and in a "Free Country" you're supposed to be able to have those from time to time.  Or so you would think.

So let's think this out, Jeb Bush actually believes it's a serious proposition that the President of these United States could have decided to pettily embarrass Catholics and damage our international standing by capriciously and with full callousness of forethought closing the Vatican Embassy (and I guess in his mind not re-opening it in a more secure location, Ever!) merely out of a Fit of Pique!.


I mean, it's not like doing such a thing could be considered as a way to make his policies more popular with Religious Organizations who object to not doing a thing while their employees and students get preventive healthcare, is it? How does this argument - even as a projection - make any damn sense at all?  Is that what Jeb Bush would do if the Catholics pissed him off? Gee, thanks for the heads up.

This is the kind of thing you expect from World Net Daily. (In fact, it's their Stock-in-Trade), not from Mainstream Republicans.

But then again, they do seem to running of out the sane undeluded ones aren't they?  Sadly, their delusions don't make the President look bad, it only makes them look pathetic. And Desperate.


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