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Back in the day, your phone was hooked to the wall. You could slam down the receiver and break it, I guess, but it was pretty hard to loose it.

Now days, they are small, portable, fit in your purse or pocket. They go anywhere and everywhere, and nearly everyone has one. They are quite handy, but also easier to loose or break.

Here is how some of ours have died…


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My wife had one sitting on the dashboard of her car. As she whipped around a corner, the phone slid across the dashboard and out the window. It was then hit by a dump truck.

My first flip-phone was eaten by Frosty the beagle… real name “Frosty No God Damn it” !!! As a puppy he was responsible for more destruction than Godzilla.
I’m not sure how he even got hold of it as I kept it on my desk, but when I came out in the morning, it was a goner. It’s leather case looked a lot like a use dog chewy, and the screen part was in a hundred pieces. Frosty had his “I’m a good boy, huh, dad” look on his face… it was hard to get mad at that little bugger.

We had some friends who were making some wine, in a giant ceramic croc, out in the shed. We sampled a bit of wine from a previous batch, and were having a nice little chit-chat. He decided to open the croc, so we could all have a look, grapes, peels, and juice all fermenting along just fine. My wife’s phone rang. When she went to answer it, her arm hit my arm, her phone flew out of her hand, did a couple back flips, and a perfect 10 into the open fermenter.
We all looked with stunned amazement, as the phone floated on top, then as we all reached for it, it sank.
The wine turned out fine, but the phone was toast.

Then there is the commercial where the guy drops his phone in the urinal. I’m sure it’s happened, but luckily so far, not to me.  

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