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As a Jew living in New York, I am unaware of all the city ordinances restricting the sale of Christmas trees along the sidewalks as my dog and I navigate our way through artificial evergreen forests.  I assume that every store I enter broadcasting a song informing me that it is the most wonderful time of the year is celebrating my sister's birthday.  I'm sorry that Santa, Rudolph, Heat Meiser, Miracle on 34th Street, The Grinch, and It's a Wonderful Life have to share equal time with all those Hanukkah specials.  Charlie Brownstein's Menorah rocks Lucy's world after all.

So I walk into my local pub.  I'm a regular customer.  They're all decked out for the Christmas season.  I buy an electric menorah and ask them to put it in the window.  Is that really a threat?  Jesus probably lit a menorah and celebrated Hanukkah.  What is wrong with saying "Happy Holidays?"

More anti-Christmas sentiment below the fold


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Apparently everything.  In a recent War on Christmas update, Bill O'Reilly pointed out that since Hanukkah ends this week there are no other holidays besides Christmas negating the need for the generic sentiment.  He even takes issue with a Macy's ad with Santa Claus where Macy's can help fulfill your holiday wish.  The use of the word "holiday" even in this context irks BillO.  Does he not realize that Christmas is, in fact, a holiday?

Of the 44 presidents we have had to date, 100% of them have celebrated the birth of Christ.  That being said, the Constitution specifically bars religious tests as qualification for public office.  The first amendment to our Constitution prevents the government from establishing a religion.  Did our Founders fire the first shot in the War on Christmas?  The Pilgrims had laws against celebrations on Christmas day- The Pilgrims in Massachusetts!

It's amazing to me how often these people whine about things.  Darrel Issa (R-CA) has made it the job of the Oversight Committee to go on a scavenger hunt for things to whine about.  Republicans like to think of themselves at the Daddy Party.  I like to think of them as the "I want my Daddy!" party.

The Right loves to claim Jesus for themselves.  (These days, they are claiming that Martin Luther King and JFK would be comfortable in their party.)  Being Jewish, I don't know much about my fellow member of the tribe, but I have heard a few things which I hope I've gotten right.  I mention this regarding the notion of asking, "What would Jesus do?"

I believe that their is the concept that if your enemy smite your right cheek, show him your left.  The Right seems to interpret this as, "If you think your enemy may someday smite your right cheek, take out your AR-15 and blow him away."  Jesus, while dying on the cross, is believed to have said, "Forgive them, father."  That was for KILLING Him.  I do not think He would be all that upset if we included other holidays with His birthday.

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