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In December 2012, I wrote a series of 25 poems in total (one for each day of December 1-24, plus a Prelude) and posted each one here on Daily Kos as I completed it. The poems dealt with common Christmas themes, as well as with issues highly relevant to Daily Kos readers: commercialism, climate change, and interfaith dialogue, among others. The positive reception and wonderful comments from readers both touched and inspired me to keep going. Thank you all again for helping me finish this creative project!

It was suggested that I repost them on Daily Kos as a yearly event, and after some thought, I've decided to do so. As I've revisited the poems throughout the past year I've changed a word here and there, but for the most part, they are exactly the same as the original. (If you want to read them all, they're archived here; scroll down to the bottom.)

Enjoy -- and a happy and blessed holiday season to you, whoever you are and whatever faith tradition (or none) you are part of!


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Prelude (November 30)

Now all throughout this long month of November,
  we watch the year decay and days grow brief;
  haunted by ages past, urged to remember,

and earth too, mute and somber in its grief:
  the waning sunlight like a dying ember,
  criss-crossed bare branches in austere motif,

first winter wind on unprepared skin tingling,
  and mud-trod brown of decomposing leaf
  with poppy red and pale frost intermingling;

…But finally the change, though all too slow:
  December! Silver bells, begin your jingling!
  Now falls pure white the gently cloaking snow,

and everywhere all join in eager song
  with candles lit and loving hearts aglow...
  ...And truly? Tell me: all this lasts -- how long?

For year by year continues to appall:
   war, famine, hatred, unimagined wrong
   grinds on; and quite distinctly I recall

that Hope and Peace came 'round this time last year.
   Soon tinsel fades, the gifts cease to enthrall,
   and firmest resolutions now appear,

in growing daylight, but a wishful dream.
   So is this it -- light sentimental cheer?
   And Christmas just another passing meme?

Know this: the weeping world's twelvemonth-long sadness
   is nowhere near so easy to redeem.
   Though many idly speak of Joy and Gladness,

the few who've heard the angel voices ringing
   will pause a while, in silence. ...Is it madness?
   Or have we only ceased to hear their singing?

And where has gone the star's eternal light?
   So now: let us return to the beginning.
   Draw near to listen, closing both eyes tight --
   Come back with me to that first Advent night.

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Originally posted to Green Canticle on Sat Nov 30, 2013 at 06:23 PM PST.

Also republished by Street Prophets , Anglican Kossacks, and Progressive Friends of the Library Newsletter.

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