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Senator Elizabeth Warren speaks to people in a way that few have in recent years. Senator Warren speaks with conviction and common sense.  Senator Warren speaks for our common working class interests, where few other politicians dare to go.  

And though her words say No, I'm not running -- absolutely not ...

What does Elizabeth Warren think about the speculation that she will run for the Democratic nomination for president in 2016?

I’m not,” Warren told reporters last Friday, after an Associated Industries of Massachusetts breakfast.

Absolutely not, a reporter followed up? “I am not,” Warren responded.

Under no circumstances? “I am not.”

... her deeds and actions on the other hand, have many Progressives thinking that maybe she should run. Afterall, Senator Warren is one politican, consistently speaking up for them. She has credibility and intelligence and plain talk -- and just plain guts, that is so lacking in most Democratic discourse these days.
Sroka said Warren’s populist message resonates with the progressive wing of the Democratic Party, many of whom are disappointed with Democratic President Barack Obama’s willingness to work with financial firms on Wall Street and his support for changing the formula used to calculate Social Security benefits. “Senator Warren talks about income inequality and the issues facing middle class and working class voters in a way almost no one else in the country talks about it,” Sroka said. “Her unwavering focus on taking on economic inequality head on and making sure the government works for working people, I think that is ultimately what’s behind a lot of the speculation.”

Warren has also not been afraid to disagree with her party. She opposed Obama’s call to use a formula called “chained CPI” to calculate -- and lower -- Social Security benefits. Instead, her most recent campaign has been to expand Social Security benefits. She urged Democrats to oppose a compromise bill on student loans that temporarily lowered student loan interest rates but tied them to the market. Instead, she pushed for changes that would further lower rates and move toward eliminating government profit on student loans.

Several political operatives agreed that Warren is unlikely to run. Mary Anne Marsh, a Democratic political strategist with the Dewey Square Group, said she takes Warren at her word. But she thinks the buzz is an indication that some Democrats find Warren’s message refreshing. “It may not be so much about Elizabeth Warren as it is about people who want other people like her ... to be fighting for the middle class and fighting for fairness,” Marsh said. “She’s the vessel, the leading voice on it, but she’s not the only voice. Voters are looking for more to join the chorus.”

Elizabeth Warren's popularity with national progressives fuels buzz over 2016 presidential run  by Shira Schoenberg, masslive.com -- Nov 22, 2013

Senator Elizabeth Warren speaks to people in a way that few have in recent years. Senator Warren fights for economic fairness, in ways that make Wall Street shudder -- and the Populist masses cheer ...


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Senator Elizabeth Warren speaks for the people, in the ways that stir the imagination, and throws fuel on so many smoldering progressive fires ...

Candidate or Not, Elizabeth Warren Has the Right 2016 Message

by John Nichols, TheNation.com -- Nov 12, 2013

But Warren is not just a fall-back contender -- or even a progressive alternative to the centrist Clinton. She is more than just a prospective candidate. She is a purveyor of ideas, whether advanced on the campaign trail or in the Senate, that really do make her what Politico suggests: “Wall Street’s Nightmare.”

What is appealing about the prospect of a Warren bid -- against Clinton or in a race without Clinton -- is the determination of the Massachusetts senator to reach far beyond the traditional space filled by centrist and even liberal Democrats. She goes to where Bill de Blasio went in a progressive populist bid that swept him into New York’s mayoralty with an almost fifty-point margin of victory.

Warren’s message, in the Senate and beyond, is that Democrats can and should have an economic agenda that speaks to the great mass of Americans.

And when she delivers it, as she did at last summer’s AFL-CIO convention in Los Angeles, she can and does sound like a very appealing presidential prospect.

Senator Elizabeth Warren speaks for the people, in the ways that say that Economic Fairness in our lifetimes -- CAN be achieved.

Senator Elizabeth Warren has Wall Street scrambling for ways to blunt her message.  A message that would make them accountable, that would require them to pay their fair share again.  You know fairness, just like what most of the American People want ...

Wall Street’s nightmare:  President Elizabeth Warren

by Ben White and Maggie Haberman, politico.com -- Nov 11, 2013

[...] The fear is also that a Warren candidacy, or even the threat of one, would push Clinton to the left in the primaries and revive arguments about breaking up the nation’s largest banks, raising taxes on the wealthy and otherwise stoke populist anger that is likely to also play a big role in the Republican primaries.

The nightmare scenario for banks is to hear these arguments from a candidate on the far left and on the far right,” said Jaret Seiberg, a financial services industry analyst at Guggenheim Partners. “Suddenly, you have Elizabeth Warren screaming about ‘too big to fail’ on one side and Rand Paul screaming about it on the other side, and then candidates in the middle are forced to weigh in.”

She almost certainly would bring fresh scrutiny to Wall Street scandals by arguing that even giant settlements -- like the $13 billion JPMorgan Chase is expected to pay to end probes into its mortgage practices -- are nowhere near enough to make up for the damage done during the financial crisis.

And Senator Elizabeth Warren would be right -- in making that Populist case, for reeling in the Banks, for making them give back to repair some of the great damage they've done to OUR Economy.  And she would be right in fighting for fairness here -- for just recompense for all the home ownership dreams, burst.  Shattered like so much fine print, in so many corporate shredders ...

Senator Elizabeth Warren speaks to the people in a way that few have in recent years. Senator Warren speaks to our commonly shared anger regarding the lack or Economic Justice in America. Senator Warren speaks to commonly shared sense of decency that no one should be above the law, that no one should get a free pass, when it comes to taking advantage of the good will and hard work of the American People.

The American Dream was built on such common sense principles of trust and fair play. If no one is held to true account, then what happens to that populist trust. What happens to the American Dream?

It's left to smolder in our anger and sense of futility. It's left waiting for someone -- someone like a Senator Warren -- to re-stoke those populist flames ... long as the echoes of our economic dreams, still linger on ...

Waiting for such a spokesperson.

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Originally posted to Digging up those Facts ... for over 8 years. on Sat Nov 30, 2013 at 08:41 PM PST.

Also republished by In Support of Labor and Unions.

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