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Here's today's Bulletins from the Asylum in which I try to pull together all of the insanity of the Republican Party in one place.

Ted Nugent considers himself a 2016 Presidential candidate. And he says some really crazy **, too.

Fox Business Analyst thinks Obama will resign before end of his second term. And he can prove it with math.

RWNJ radio host claims that the recently released 911 audio from the Sandy Hook Massacre were faked.

Pastor Rick Warren says that making companies provide insurance that covers contraception is like forcing a Jewish deli to sell pork.

According to Sarah Palin, calling her mean and derogatory names might scare people away from starting businesses. If that business is a Palin Slander Enterprises, Inc. then probably.

In an ongoing effort to better reach out to minority voters and overcome the image of the GOP as racist, Eric Cantor's aides called the police when scary, brown-skinned children began singing in his office. It went equally well at Speaker John Boehner's office.


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Georgia Republican Insurance Commissioner believes that people with pre-existing medical conditions are at fault for having them. Compares pre-existing conditions to car wrecks.

Pennsylvania's new Dept of Environment Protection Commissioner, a Republican, doesn't believe climate change is harmful.

Republican staffers and candidates are taking classes in how not to offend women. I wonder how it'll go?

Phyllis Schlafly said stuff. It was crazy.

Florida Confederates plan to win the battle to prevent a Union memorial. There has got to be a Republican amongst these braincramps somewhere.

States like Florida and Texas will lose billions because they refuse to expand Medicaid.

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