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The Los Angeles Clippers had been ready to unveil something totally new in a push occasion on Monday, because of some published video from a future computer game we know already what which is.

In a number of screenshots out of this video clip offering game play from your new National basketball association 2K14 computer game submitted to You tube we percieve the Clippers is going to be showing off a sleeved alternative consistent for your 2013-14 period.

A fuzzy consider the new sleeved Los Angeles Clippers consistent as observed in NBA2k14

The Clippers sign up for the Gold Condition Fighters, Phoenix arizona Suns, and Los Angeles Lakers because the groups verified to become putting on sleeved tops in 2014

Considering the consistent we percieve it's infant light blue using the Los Angeles set of scripts in white-colored, that the team continues to be utilizing on their own current street and alternative outfits because 2010/11. There's a white-colored collar having a slim red-colored white, trim and red piping operate lower each side from the jersey stretching right down to the shorts.

The brand new sleeved alternative jersey is light blue with Los Angeles throughout the chest area in white-colored

It's around the shorts in which the good thing of the new consistent is exposed. Once adorned the shorts of the San Diego Clippers.The nautical flags return the Clippers are bringing back a bit of their past by re-incorporating the nautical flags that! San Diego, Ca Clippers in 1978 on remaining, Los Angeles in 2014 on correct

Whilst in San Diego, Ca the banners had been organized to spell CLIPPERS,an abbreviation for Los Angeles Clippers.I'm not a good deal of lover from the sleeved jersey appear, it doesn't look wonderful around the gamers, and it's not necessarily a great appear around the enthusiasts possibly. These shorts, nevertheless, conserve this set up the Clips simply need to combine it with their normal house and out set up so we can decrease the sleeved jersey entirely.


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