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Fountain Wharf, on Charleston, South Carolina&#x27;s historic harbor, will serve as the headquarters of the Lowcountry #Getcovered Surge Center
Charleston, SC- You can take public transit to sign up for secure access for healthcare for your family in Charleston, SC while planning your trip online, learning what the ETA for your bus at your stop is in real time and perhaps a side trip to Charleston’s holiday shopping district.  The Lowcountry #Getcovered Surge Center provides in person certified healthcare Navigator support to any client who wants to find out what their options are under the new law at no charge.  Persons planning to visit the center should call ahead to make an appointment at (843) 475-2859, however walk in Navigation sessions which may require some waiting are also available.  The center will be open weekdays until Dec. 20, 9 am to 5 pm.

Hungryneck Straphangers, a public transit advocacy group in Mount Pleasant, has put a web page online providing detailed instructions and interacting trip planning links at http://busec.org/... for public transit trips from all parts of the Lowcountry now.

The http://busec.org/... webpage includes preprogrammed links for transit trips from major bus stops in the area using Google Transit.  There is also a link to bus tracker, which allows riders to find out the exact arrival time of their bus at their stop based on real time GPS bus location and movement data and background Google maps traffic information.

Full information on the Lowcountry #Getcovered Surge Center can be found on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/...

While people going to the center are downtown, they use the Free Aquarium DASH bus line to complete their trip, which runs from the Vistiors Center to the Surge Center’s location at Fountain Walk, next to the SC Aquarium.  Other Free DASH bus lines can take visitors to the City to shopping on King and Market Streets, to the nearby Medical Complex and to parks and historic sites around Charleston.

Clients can also drive to the Surge Center.  Parking slips for the adjacent garage can be validated for clients.

A one page summary of the Center and it's operation is available online in PDF as well.


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