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This is less a diary than a rant on behalf of a friend who just navigated healthcare.gov successfully enough to find that she has been screwed by the Supreme Court and Virginia Republicans: she falls into the gap where expanded Medicaid should be.

This is a 50-ish woman who has always been independent and currently works SEVEN, yes 7 part-time jobs to hold her life together. She does a huge amount of unpaid charity work for the elderly, and she's managed to own her own modest home.

But she's been thrown in the trash bin by Virginia's lack of acceptance of the Medicaid expansion. She's free to continue spending an arm and a leg for mediocre coverage on the private market.

More rant after the jiggle...


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My friend has been spending about $800 a month for medical insurance because she needs it. She was nervous about healthcare.gov because she's computer-phobic. But with the help of family and friends she got on and figured most of it out, so she should have been a success story. But then she called the help line because she got the slap in the face. But sadly, yes, she is in the gap that Virginia has allowed where you make too much for regular Medicaid but not enough for the exchange.

So she gets bupkus.

Here is a person who lives a very low-impact, low-carbon lifestyle, who has never asked society for any help at all. She's currently working 7 part-time jobs. She only got any health insurance coverage just a few years ago and while it was very expensive she felt lucky to have it. She looked forward to a better situation with the ACA.

And now, Governor Ultrasound (VA version) and his party are leaving her out in the cold. You too, Scalia.

She and I talked today about all the various paper manipulations she might be able to do to raise her AGI. For example, she can fail to claim her mortgage deduction. She can ask her dad to pay her for taking him to the doctor.

Any other creative suggestions appreciated! (I'm sure many need to raise their AGI.)

This is not helping her depression or mine. This should not be happening. My friend knows the ACA is a good step forward, but the Republicans have stymied the step for her.

McAuliffe, you need to find a way to fix this and fast, buddy.

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