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If you are not interested in participating, please take your self-righteous condescension elsewhere.
If you would like to enter the pool post your numbers in the comments.
The rules are simple
You have to be a kossack to play.
We only split the prize if someone in the pool has a ticket with all 6 numbers.
You have to prove you bought the ticket/s you posted to be in the pool if we win.
Each kossack = 1 in the pool no matter how many tickets you post.
You have to post your numbers in comment section by 10:30pm eastern  Tuesday December 17th, 2013.
The person who bought the ticket gets Half, the other Half is split between those that prove they bought the ticket/s numbers they posted in the comments.
To prove you have a ticket on the list in the event this pool wins?
I think we can come up with that decision after the drawing.
Clear pictures sent to the winning ticket holder?
There has to be a way we can all agree to this part of the pool.
we will take the one payment lump sum pay out.
If I've missed something please let me know.
Remember honesty is the key part to this pool.

I will post another thread at 6:00pm tonight

Good Luck

also, on Oct 18th Mega Million changed the game, NO ONE knows how this will effect how high the jockpots will go.
I'll buy to many tickets as usual, but I'm single & don't have any depends !

PFB = Paid For By

Thanks to all who join the lotto pool


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1. eeff

20-24-25-45-56  mb-11
05-20-44-57-73  mb-06
18-29-41-42-52  mb-09
34-37-50-61-75  mb-11
22-23-53-56-58  mb-09

03-22-29-45-54  mb-05
19-48-55-64-73  mb-02
08-16-29-62-75  mb-14

07-21-37-60-73  mb-12
01-05-06-26-46  mb-08
03-11-24-62-63  mb-13

2. arizonablue

11-16-39-42-65  mb-14

3.  CitizenBen

05-13-40-59-75  mb-10

4. yacoltga

09-21-54-55-58  mb-09

5. DRo

05-10-49-51-58  mb-11
14-25-58-59-73  mb-07
01-22-34-48-63  mb-15
08-59-67-68-75  mb-09
19-50-54-70-73  mb-14

6. Chaddiwicker

05-07-15-46-59  MB-09

7. yogibear1963

01-15-28-35-73 -mb-06

8. RMForbes

02-09-28-47-51  mb-10

9. dailykos/eeff

11-24-42-57-71  mb-05
36-37-59-61-72  mb-02
06-27-38-46-64  mb-11
20-47-58-71-75  mb-04
08-22-31-51-71  mb-11

10. weatherdude

05-18-25-63-73  mb-11  PFB eeff

11. DickCheneyBeforeHeDicksYou

05-15-16-30-48  MB-15

12. ends with space

10-50-51-52-53  mb-09

13. sfbaytransplant

18-38-47-55-75  MB-08

14. bgix

04-07-32-63-65  MB-15

15. NormAl1792

09-16-17-42-49  MB-06

16. winifred3

05-33-38-51-61  MB-10   PFB NormAl1792

17. phsyched

01-20-39-42-66  MB-06

18. ModerateJosh

01-20-39-42-66  MB-06

19. Superskepticalman

26-46-52-61-64  MB-11

20. Mr. Robert

25-27-38-69-70  MB-02
04-24-29-72-73  MB-12

21. wmspringer

15-42-61-62-75  mb-12

22. lotlizard

12-23-32-56-71  mb-07  PFB eeff

23. Words In Action

17-19-29-60-74  mb-13  PFB eeff

24. The grouch

03-17-60-72-73  mb-07

25. lovo

01-36-50-67-68  mb-05

26. faolan

10-18-21-24-49  mb-05

27. shortgirl

17-22-33-39-48  mb-15

28. PowWowPollock

11-22-45-51-58  mb-13

29. DK Community/eeff

05-24-47-60-69  mb-08
09-23-38-47-67  mb-05
11-22-40-50-56  mb-01
21-25-33-37-41  mb-05
06-24-45-57-69  mb-06

30. JoanMar

09-13-63-68-74  MB-02
03-20-45-63-65  MB-10
03-06-11-21-39  MB-08
03-26-29-40-64  MB-08

31. mconvente

02-06-17-19-71  MB-11
02-03-05-07-11  MB-02  (hehe, first prime numbers)
33-40-55-61-69  MB-13
09-24-38-56-61  MB-08
24-38-45-57-72  MB-06

32. eyo

28-38-51-52-54  MB-04
03-24-27-43-74  MB-08

33. weck

07-27-46-50-54  MB-06

34.  VClib

04-11-27-67-74  mb-13

35. spacemanspiff23

14-20-33-36-46  mb-13

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