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Happy holidays from the Moulitsas-Batista family! I had zero kids when I started this site, now Ari is 10 and Eli is 6. Can you believe it?

The Moulitsas-Batista family
Markos, Eli and Ari Moulitsas
Eli and Ari Moulitsas
Ari Moulitsas
Eli Moulitsas
Now head below to look back at previous years.

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 Markos, Eli, Elisa, Ari 2012
It was windy at the shuttered Alameda Naval Air Base!


The Moulitsas-Batista family 2011
At the Sybley Volcanic Regional Preserve. Yup, we once had volcanoes in Berkeley. Ten million years ago.


 The Moulitsas-Batista family 2010
At the Albany Bulb.


Moulitsas-Batista family 2009
Back yard.


Moulitsas-Batista family 2008
This was the first year of our now-annual Christmas photo shoot. We do such a poor job of taking family pictures over the year, that this has become the primary way we chronicle the changing of our family.


The Moulitsas-Batista family 2007
This is in Germany, in July 2007. We traveled there and to Greece with a three-month old Eli. Fun fact: that was a little insane.

2006 and 2005

Couldn't find any digitized family photos for these two years. They're either trapped in some old computer's hard drive, or in a box somewhere. New Year's Resolution: find those photos!


Moulitsas-Batista family, 2004
Kid Oakland took this photo in December 2004, back when Ari was a blond. People used to assume my wife was Ari's nanny. I got hassled at the airport as I traveled solo with him out of the country, as people were suspicious I was kidnapping him. In El Salvador, I got stopped repeatedly as people admired how white he was, because in Latin America, being white is equivalent to being successful. People try to marry people whiter than they are so they can "mejorar la raza" (improve the race). So those people thought they were complimenting me, but for me it was nails on a chalkboard.


Moulitsas-Batista family 2003
I want to cry when I see this picture. Not out of nostalgia or happiness, but out of post-traumatic stress disorder. Seriously.
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