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Just what exactly constitutes a "domestic enemy" anyway?

I would think inciting a conspiracy to hold the US dollar and all it means to our continued way of life for ransom for gains not even concocted yet (since the deficit has already been reduced by half) by a person sworn in to Congress to protect the Constitution of the United States from enemies "foreign and DOMESTIC" would qualify under a number of treacheries. Dirty money, extortion tactics using partisan media to lean on republicans by republicans over time--about oh, sixteen years or so during which there were eight years of a presidential administration in conflict of interest having started an errant war it was then in the position of righting--seems to have resulted in blatant macro-extortion which threatens every American in ways no one doing the threatening is qualified to predict has come to pass as just "politics". How is threatening to conspire to default and all its potentially destabilizing consequences on the value of our currency--as a debtor nation no less--not as serious a crime as threatening harm to the President's person?

It would seem that just one "perp-walk" of such a politician to answer charges of inciting a conspiracy to destroy the United States economic underpinnings (and thus all they undergird) for ideological concessions (which in this case don't even seem to have been concocted yet) would prompt at least a questioning of the line between politics and crime the likes of which we haven't seen since 1973. Questions are good from time to time. Truth? Well, it sets you free I've been told. And action to achieve freedom from the recurrent "cancer on the Congress" we routinely now suffer one would think would leave a mark on American history that would shine brightly ever after. If anyone in sworn high Congressional office wants to act like a domestic enemy and publicly entertain such "deadly" threat, they should be treated like an enemy, "foreign or DOMESTIC" post haste. Over and out. Case opened and closed.

Thought of the day, dear diary. JM


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