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Since ‘tis the season for goodwill towards all humans, holiday cheer, happy gatherings, generosity, all that stuff, do consider a paypal hit for Hullabaloo in its fundraiser drive, I assure you no amount is too small here in its ability to do vast good.

Pretty good life deal, really. Right? I mean, how many times have dollars slipped through our fingers for ultimately nothing? Two minutes, a few dollars and viola, the magic and uplifting spirit of all that is best in us is instantly transported through the wondrous intertubes for very good works. Ebenezer would jump all over that, everyone knows it.

[shrugs] I don’t know how to accurately describe my respect and awe for Digby, one of the best American publishing intellects I have ever read who has never wavered in her duty to country and people. I assure you I hold very few humans in such a lofty place, I’m a decent political scientist with a high skepticism threshold and she is simply extraordinary in multiple dimensions. Need an instant payoff of righteousness in these confusing and troubling times? There you go.


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All of us at The Left Coaster extend holiday greetings and best wishes to all. I usually write a holiday note at Thanksgiving but, well, I was ill, so I missed it. [sigh] I will not be sorry to see 2013 go, I set myself up with something that absolutely had to happen which could not happen, so I was miserable and ill much of the time. 2014 will not at all be like that will a different try on various elements and I won’t be so sick, at least.

If you have some free time in holiday travel or family time I’d recommend Cooked by Michael Polan, I was supposed to review it but didn’t. I liked the book but it crossed me up too much, it’s better than the negative elements it struck in me personally, that’s all.

I am the guardian of nutrition and budget in my kitchen, a duty that goes far beyond the mere act of putting a roast in the oven. In that duty lies the necessity of being a good cook, of course, but it isn’t easy when there isn’t a lot of money or anxiety about funds leads every choice you make at Safeway.

I never remember a time when I was not in the kitchen, a story of circumstance not appropriately told here, but the point is that I do not understand the utter casual abandonment of the ability to cook. You’re a man? So? Get your ass in the kitchen and stop being so helpless with such a vastly important life element, and once you learn your duty do not abandon it, not to yourself or your family. How is it you never recognized it in the first place?

So these gender and life history issues messed the review up, Mr. Polan learned to cook and bake and wrote a decent book, there was no need to bash it all up with stuff he didn’t take on as an objective of the book. The hoser also didn’t know wheat was grown in California, which irritated me.

California is the greatest Republic that world has seen or will ever see.  Full stop, sumbitches. Not only are we an extraordinary production and software base with a knockout economy and education system, there also isn’t anything we don’t grow here, we smash it out with agriculture too, only tropical latitudes keep us from some fruits. Of course we produce wheat here, Jesus Christ.

If more folks new of the amazing greatness of this place and what we do here we’d take better care of California and ourselves, that’s all. But it’s too personal a take on a tiny thing, he’s a nice man and hell he lives 50 minutes from here. Thanks for the book, have a great 2014, Mr. Polan.

As to you all, please have a wonderful holiday season and an awesome 2014. Keep yourselves well, I shall give it a go myself, certainly. Presents, family, good food, America, yes, we shall do our best in our duty to enjoy it all.

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