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Revolution considered as a spiritual exercise - is an interesting concept.

You can't have a revolution for something, you must have it against something. Progress toward a goal may, in hindsight, be seen as revolutionary, but up front it's careful hard work that makes a difference.
One difference between a leader and a rabble rouser is that, when they're finished stirring up people, one says "follow me!", and the other says "go for it!" and stands back to watch. This is not to say that the leader is the better person, only that he or she is willing to put skin in the game.
A goal is something you move toward. This is - slightly - different than picking out a primary target to move against.
Retaliation as the goal in a movement signals corruption, or at least confusion, in the movement. A movement which is focussed primarily on defeating an enemy will, should it ever succeed, most likely look around for a new enemy to turn its sights on.
The presence of an unspecified enemies list signals McCarthyism, not a desire for progress. "They are trying to take away all we hold dear" is the same kind of fear mongering whether it's used against "the commies" or "the one percent".
If your concept of a new world is not designed to include idiots, cynics, and hypocrites, then it's not designed to be workable. Whatever you accomplish, you will still have human beings to deal with. "Getting rid of corruption" is a throwaway line, especially if you define corrupt as "willing to compromise" or "capable of imperfection". The "totally moral" man (or woman) will never exist except in theory. Plan for flexibility, not perfection.
"The first thing a principle does is kill somebody." - Lord Peter Wimsey
"Toward a better world" is as least as scary as it is promising, unless you're speaking theoretically. Indeed, the more promising it is, the more people will be legitimately afraid of it, because they might lose what they have in the process of gaining it. It's only when you have nothing to lose that the unknown becomes less fearful than what you have already learned to cope with. Getting people to support working toward a carefully defined goal is a whole lot easier than trying to get them to support overthrowing the current situation just to see what will happen when it's gone.
I have a soft spot in my heart for grand and glorious poetry and songs. I've even written a couple. For finding or building a better future, though, I want to see an absolutely prosaic description of what might be involved in getting there. Try to stampede me into a binary choice and I will fight that choice unremittingly. Not because I cannot understand those options, but because I want to see ALL the options, not just those chosen to create emotional triggers. The world is not black and white, and very few real choices are "either/or".
Here endeth the rant.

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10:50 AM PT: Thank you again, Rescue Rangers!

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Originally posted to serendipityisabitch on Fri Dec 20, 2013 at 11:18 PM PST.

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