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WARNING !!!!!!!!!!

LED lightbulbs may cause head injuries

Yes, it's true.

Today I went out to buy some incandescent lightbulbs before the liberal fascist communist gay agenda bans them forever. Incandescent lightbulbs, as you probably know, are generally over 95% efficient if you want to turn electricity into heat. As a bonus they generate a small amount of visible light to conveniently let you know that they are turned on.

Sometimes I like to use incandescent lightbulbs as a source of heat....so today I went to a building supply store that sells recycled stuff -- including lightbulbs. Unfortunately they were closed so I went to Home Depot.

Walking around Home Depot I saw all kinds of nifty new forms of lighting...and the few remaining types of incandescent bulbs still available --- 40 & 60 watt regular bulbs & various specialty bulbs.

So I grab an 8-pack of 60 watt bulbs & start to leave when I notice the LED bulbs.....and there was a nice shiny 6W LED bulb that puts out the same light as a 40 watt incandescent. Only about five bucks. Gotta try it!

How cool! I now have an old technology that efficiently generates heat & a new technology that efficiently creates light. Woohoooo

Well, as I'm walking through the parking garage back to my car, thinking about my new toys & the irony of holding onto an old technology while happily trying out a new one, it hit me. Not a brilliant epiphany or anything, but a steel beam. Walked right into it & smashed my forehead. Even bled a little bit. OUCH.

I was thinking about telling the people at the store to paint that freaking beam a bright color to make it visible -- like white or something ---  but it was already painted white.

Anyway, when I got home and tried out the new LED bulb...ooooohh....nice!....same warm glow as an incandescent, but obviously longer lasting & more efficient.

So my advice to all of you is....go out and buy some new LED bulbs -- just don't think about how cool they are until you're safely back at home.


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Originally posted to RumsfeldResign on Fri Dec 27, 2013 at 10:07 AM PST.

Also republished by Community Spotlight.


LED lightbulbs

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