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I'm so happy, I'm so happy. After 6 months out of work, bestest Christmas present ever.


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The place is a wholesale produce distributor in Fridley MN. Mom and Pop and Son business, but pretty big for all that. I interviewed with the father (also the mom and son, but that came later).

The father REALLY liked me, I could tell that right away. He's 75 years old, but in excellent health and looks years younger. Quite an entertaining crusty curmudgeon character. The son had reservations, thought I might not be "tough enough" for the job. Well for gawdsakes, it's a clerical/bookkeeping job. But according to both the father and the son, those guys from the warehouse can get quite politically incorrect, and toss around the f-word a lot. They wanted to know if a delicate flower like me could handle that.

OMFG. I may look like a librarian but I swear like a stevedore when called for haha.
The old man actually asked me if I was comfortable with that. I assured him I was and then laughed, I said you know I think this is the most * unique * job interview I've ever had. Nobody ever wanted to know if I knew how to say the f-word before. He laughed.

For the record, I did NOT say the f-word to him. He took my word for it that I know how to say it haha. What convinced him was the fact that I had been in the U S militar-ee. He was fascinated by that and wanted to know all about it. So on my second interview I brought in my very old worn newspaper clipping from the 70s featuring an interview with me, complete with picture of me on the flight line changing the oil on a C-141, it was a series on "Women in the Military".

One of the few companies in the Twin Cities that thinks that hiring older women is actually a plus. They're more "mature" and not always taking off work due to "boyfriend problems". (As I said, this is an old, totally sexist and other stuff, curmudgeon. But lovable for all that.) He makes me laugh every time I talk to him.

Also, no offense to librarians. You folks rock. Like Evie in the Mummy. I just have that pale bookish look haha.

So - didn't just write this diary to brag about getting a job - what I want to say to everyone who is unemployed is don't give up hope. I thought I never had a chance of getting a job again - I was getting ready to start taking my Social Security in 7 months when I'll be 62. And it wouldn't be enough by itself to support me, I would have lost my trailer.

Don't give up, even if you're so sick of looking and worrying and rejection that you just can't stand it. Tomorrow might be the day that things turn around for you.

Also, those bastards in Congress just better pass an unemployment extension bill. I shudder to think of how that will hurt millions of people if they don't.

I start Monday. Wish me luck. Happy 2014 to you all.

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Originally posted to Rosebuddear on Fri Dec 27, 2013 at 04:58 PM PST.

Also republished by Unemployment Chronicles.

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