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I intended to take the day off completely, so I could enjoy a quiet New Year's Day at home with my family, and for the most part was successful (we watched James & the Giant Peach and Hugo, which was a bit long but wonderful).

My in-box was flooded with over a dozen updates (or at least general info about ACA happenings), but I'm swamped and exhausted, so I planned on taking a breather.

However, I did accomplish one thing--I finally got around to adding the ACASignups.net F.A.Q..


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I'm sure some here will take umbrage with my overall opinion of President Obama, but I stand by it: He wants to be thought of as the Democratic version of Ronald Reagan, but for me, the predecessor who keeps coming to mind the most is the guy who followed Reagan. I'm not talking about actual policies per se, but his overall personality and style, and I actually meant it as a compliment, though your take may vary.

Anyway, I never intended for the site to be anything more than a Google spreadsheet embedded into a domain name, but events have quickly overwhelmed me and the situation is what it is, so I'm going with it. In addition to the FAQ, due to both popular demand as well as practicality (the spreadsheet is just too damned wide & awkward to be the home page), I've moved the blog into the home position.

Be on the lookout for big things in the coming weeks, including blog contributions from the guy who's become my "second", ArcticStones.

And yes, I'll finally get around to that "off-exchange enrollment" entry that I keep hinting at, although it's possible that this angle will be scooped by someone else by the time I get to it.

Here's a hint: Yes, it's a significant number and yes, it's very much looking like it'll make a major impact.

Anyway, I just wanted to thank everyone here at dKos who's supported me in this endeavor. In addition to my core group of enrollment contributors (I've named them repeatedly, I don't think I need to do a roll call again), I also want to thank Joan McCarter, Greg Dworkin and everyone else in the DK inner circle who have helped bring this project to the attention of the mainstream media.

The funny thing is, I never even had any special interest in the subject of healthcare or insurance before October 1st beyond what most people have; I was just curious about how many people were actually signing up for the ACA plans after all the fuss & bother we went through to get to this point. 90 days later I'm being quoted on national TV by a senior White House advisor and finding my name published next to Beyonce's and Matt Drudge's.

What a weird way to end the year.

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