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I really respect the right of the right wipers to write copious amounts of meaningless letters in their meaningless efforts to prove the impeachable acts of the executive branch. But, really, so far, wiping his a*s with his left hand is probably the most impeachable and egregious offense that Obama has perpetrated on the polity of the right wipers.

However, I feel that the right wipers are wasting valuable resources, abusing their power, and abusing simple-minded people that are not even aware that they are being manipulated. Granted, there are many more right wipers out there than left wipers but the Republican Party is the only party that is degenerate enough to use divisive right wiper issues in their political platform and in their baseless attacks on left wipers. Furthermore, it takes just as much time, effort, and waste to play to the imaginations of the 3% of right wipers that are susceptible to the smell of Republican s*i* as it does to play to the 97% of American thinkers, who are able to ignore the smell from the right wipers….

It is the right wiper's absolute right to express their weak and ineffectual position with the use of words like “Constitution,” “tyranny,” “impeach,” “illegal,” “left-hand toilet paper,” and “abuse of power,” but just the throwaway use of these meaningless words underscores their own position of powerlessness.

After giving it a little thought, it occurred to me that the Executive Branch has a whole department that is dedicated to researching specifics of law and to advise the president as to the legality of his actions. I’m sure the Justice Department and all of the thousands of advisors of the Executive Branch have analyzed the legalities surrounding the prerogatives of the president to do what he can to help Americans, whether it be to help them acquire health care or to achieve social justice of any form. Also, I’m sure that the right wipers have analyzed reams of used toilet paper to arrive at the decision that Obama does, in fact, wipe with his left hand.

This significant waste of public resources does three things. It wastes money and resources trying to impede our government’s efforts to help Americans, it deprives Red States of much needed toilet paper, and it throws the political influence of the party of no consequence (which includes the Tea Party Infection) into a coriolic spiral as they flush themselves down the toilet.

Nobody likes a liar, a hateful impeder of American progress, an obstructionist who needs a healthy dose of EX-LAX, a toilet paper analyzer, or a dumb f*c* that bites the hand that feeds it.

So, keep making fools of yourselves with your silly little TP epigraphs that are, ironically, only useful AS toilet paper, in your desperate efforts to put that n*g*er in his place. AND, watch your party DIE!!!


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