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Last Thursday, President of the National Organization for Marriage Brian Brown wrote his opening salvo for this year's perennial battle against equality. In it, he is either warning or cheering the fact that 2014 may be the year of decision for marriage. I honestly can't you tell which it is.

In his sometimes angry, sometimes defiant and consistently deluded message to his supporters, Brown has clearly mixed the Duck Dynasty flap with the entrails of a chicken and divined that this moment has roused the American people from their sleep, and, if they will only take up their pitchforks, they will prevail this very year!

Phil Robertson's reinstatement to his "reality" television show is the only proof Brian seems to think is required of him to convince his supporters that a violent homosexual uprising can be averted. The perverse rebellion by these ungodly sodomites and unSchlafly-like lesbos is surely collapsing under the deep moral weight and full force of the self-appointed authority of Phil Robertson and Brian Brown.

The rant contains just what you might expect from this organization. Take a read of this blithering nugget of attempted deflection.

A&E’s reaction was no doubt welcomed by the left, but it was also likely expected. For some time now, gay advocacy groups have been able to utilize harassment and threats of boycotts to bully individuals, businesses, and church groups who simply don’t want to endure a public battle over personal beliefs.
Utterly laughable. The National Organization exists solely for the purpose of providing the vehicle for a very public battle over personal beliefs and the desire to impose those beliefs on everyone else. It is for this precise reason that their side is losing so decidedly in our courts and Brian Brown knows it. His piece really begins to go off the rails when he is forced to dance around this fact. How do you convince your donors that the pitchfork is mightier than the law no matter how many fevered dreams the pitchfork has inspired of late? After blathering on a bit about Chick-fil-A and riling up his readers about those demon activist courts, Brian inadvertently reveals that his bravado is all just a sad little charade.
There are two paths to enacting constitutional protections for marriage. One is for Congress to put a proposed amendment before states for ratification. Rep. Tim Huelskamp (R-Kansas) and 60 others members of the House have a proposal to do just that. The other path is for states to take matters into their own hands and call a constitutional convention to preserve marriage.

The rising level of judicial activism on marriage (which includes an earlier ruling out of Utah legalizing polygamy) may be the push many states need to pursue the constitutional convention route. The American people know how important marriage is to the country, and to families. We’re fed up with the elite telling us marriage must be abandoned in the name of “equality.” America needs men and women to come together, produce children, and raise those children with the love and support of both a mother and a father. That’s what marriage does, and that is profoundly good for the country.

I don't know about you, but that doesn't sound like someone who is winning to me. It sounds, no smells, more like desperation. He's  friggin' calling for a constitutional convention? Never mind that the Huelskamp amendment has zero chance in hell of going anywhere, this guy just made the argument that the issue of marriage equality would merit, let alone obtain this magical constitutional convention he is offering as a serious remedy? Please. What does that even mean? What would that convention look like? Would it take place at some convention center on the outskirts of Dallas?

I've been wondering lately what the various hate groups would come up with to keep those bigots writing those checks. Now I know. I would like to wish him all the luck in the world with this lamebrain idea gaining traction beyond the borders of NOM and World Net Daily.

You know, I just spent my New Year's in Las Vegas. It doesn't take too long playing to be able to spot an amateur bluff. You eventually get good enough to spot a masterful bluff. This guy's tell is about as subtle as flop sweat combined with an eye twitch and skidmarked tighty whities.  

I'm liking our odds.

Now on to Tops!

January 4, 2014

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From BeninSC:
Of course, this comment by Dallasdoc about Rachel Maddow has gotten plenty of attention, so it does not need Top Comments for that. But, the comment STILL deserves readership, as does ericlewis0's fine diary on her 'handling' of the Koch Bros., as does hungrycoyote's diary on same subject (complete with link and transcript).

The Kochs sicc'ed their lawyers on her to try to intimidate her into retracting the first story (as well as to keep her from doing new ones), but it did not work. Rachel Maddow is a fine human being, and a super important voice. (As you all know!)

From Dave in Northridge:
koosah comes up with a terrific gloss in agreement with one of the names ericlewis0 bestowed on a character in his most recent Animal Nuz diary.
From Steveningen:
This comment by Cali Scribe is just spot on about the fictional 50s sitcom family. Really, who ever wore pearls to clean the toilet? Found in Ian Reifowitz' excellent diary A Nazi history lesson: Alienated whites in Obama's America.
DallasDoc was certainly on a roll today. This is his second nominated comment in TC tonight and he gets this one exactly right too. Found in ericlewis's inspired diary Rachel Maddow Thoroughly Nails the Koch Bros..

January 3, 2014

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Happy New Year mik!

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January 3, 2014

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