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 photo MMGAgroupphoto_zpsc1adf420.jpg

For those of you who have been following and supporting the growth and development of the North Carolina grassroots political movement and Moral Monday protests, there is good news for 2014. The movement is moving forward and is now expanding its efforts into neighboring Georgia.

The first major protest of Moral Monday GA will be taking place next Monday, January 13th.

Moral Monday Georgia is a multiracial, multi-issue coalition of citizens working for positive change for the public good. For too long, many elected officials in Georgia have ignored the moral implications of their actions and inactions with respect to the neediest among us. Our coalition stands against all forms of discrimination and amplifies the voices and ideas of folks in marginalized circumstances.

Together we are building the collective voice of the people to be heard over the voices of big business, corrupt money and repressive government by fighting for legislative and public policy issues to improve ordinary people’s lives. In practice, we seek to contribute to the creation of a more just and peaceful society where dialogue, debate and discussion prevail, and will work to achieve consensus in our group without silencing minority voices.

 photo MoralMondayGAflyer_zpsdf3bf54f.jpg

Moral Mondays coming to Georgia State Capitol

Gov. Nathan Deal is going to have some visitors to the Gold Dome on Jan. 13, and they won't be there to compare recipes.

The first Georgia-based event of the grassroots social justice movement Moral Mondays will occur, organized by the new group Moral Monday Georgia. The issue of the day will be the governor's decision not to accept federal funds to expand Medicaid [see accompanying article on Medicaid expansion], and the schedule includes legislator visits, a workshop and a rally outside the capitol featuring numerous speakers.

Moral Mondays started in North Carolina in 2012 to protest controversial laws passed by their Republican governor and legislature. Typically it is a civil disobedience protest, marked by a mass entrance into the capitol where many are peacefully arrested. Thousands of people showed up on Mondays to disrupt the legislative session with more than 900 willing to be arrested as part of their civil disobedience.

Please like the Moral Monday GA facebook page, and pass this information on.

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Originally posted to Black Kos community on Wed Jan 08, 2014 at 06:54 AM PST.

Also republished by Barriers and Bridges, LatinoKos, Kos Georgia, North Carolina BLUE, and Hellraisers Journal.

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