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Just now Rachel Maddow had a very explosive revelation.  The lane closures of the George Washington Bridge in Ft Lee had NOTHING to do with the mayor.  Rather it was an attack against the Democratic Senate Minority leader Loretta Weinberg who represents Ft Lee.  The same Loretta Weinberg who Chris Christie said a month ago was 'fixated' on this and obviously had 'nothing better to do.'

The reasons and ramifications below the swamp squiggle.  


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Turns out Loretta Weinberg and the Democrats were blocking some nominees to the State Supreme Court by Christie.  The genesis of this was Christie not renominating an African American to a lifetime appointment on the Supreme Court and instead yanking him off when his 7 year term was up.  The first time this was done supposedly in NJ State history.  

In response, Democrats told Christie that they would not approve anyone for his seat.  Earlier last year a Republican judge and wife of a member of Christie's staff was up for renomination.  Instead of allowing her to take questions from the Senate Judiciary committee, which Weinberg is a member of, he yanked her as well.  Christie then called an afternoon press conference and what happened after that is where he may well be politically be sunk for good.  Christie called the Democrats 'animals' said he would not allow this judge to be subjected to them and said that there would be ramifications and they should have thought of them before opening up their mouths.  That was afternoon August 12, 2013.  The following morning at 7:34am (correction originally posted 7:46am) word was sent out from his office to create some traffic in Ft Lee.  

Seems like shutting down the GWB for 4 days in September could be some serious ramifications.  

If there is any scintilla of proof that this order came from higher than Bridget Kelly then Christie will be finished.  

7:00 PM PT: Not sure how to embed videos but here's link to TRMS with Rachel Maddow and her alternate theory.

7:59 PM PT: More on Christie's 'relationship' with Loretta Weinberg  

Chris Christie urges reporters to 'take the bat' to 76-year-old widow

"I mean can you guys please take the bat out on her for once?" he asked reporters. "The hypocrisy meter has got to tilt on her."

Fri Jan 10, 2014 at  9:01 AM PT: Adding a map of Loretta Weinberg's district along with some highlights of the location of the George Washington Bridge, approximate location of toll booths and Interstate 95 which is the highway that goes over the George Washington Bridge.  Basically, I-95 dissects the southern portion of Weinberg's District and it feeds several other state roads.  You stop the flow of traffic on I-95 and you snarl up a large chunk of her district.  That's why this is a much more plausible explanation of why they did it.  Political retribution against a small town mayor, who is a Democrat for not endorsing the governor 2 months before the elections when there were countless other mayors who also did not endorse Christie always seemed kind of a stretch.  The fact that the order was given to create traffic in Ft Lee not 15 hours after Christie had a press conference in which he called Weinberg and others 'animals' and said that there would be 'ramifications' and that 'they should have thought about them' incriminates him.  Even if he didn't give the order and the order was given on his behalf, it is obvious his staff thought it would have been ok and even acceptable.  Plus this is NOT the first example of Christie exacting political retribution on those who oppose him.  

 photo c14be1d2-8d6a-434d-998f-4b27db192870_zps026184e1.gif

BTW thanks for the Recs.  Nice surprise to wake up to.

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