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I came very close to the BREAKING header but resisted temptation.

I'll be posting updates to this diary (and this one) over the next hour or so as I plug in the data, but here's the bottom line:

--If you look at Week 13 on the spreadsheet, you'll see that ACASignups.net had 2,137,630 private enrollments as of 12/31.

--According to the official December HHS report, the total number of exchange-based private enrollments was 2,153,421 as of 12/28.

--ACASignups.net was, therefore, appx. 99.2% accurate (ok, knock 0.2% off for the missing 3 days of data...call it 99% even).

I have no idea why the HHS report doesn't include the last 3 days of the year; perhaps a lack of personnel during the holidays? Will post something about this if/when I find out what the deal was there.


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OK, I've plugged the individual state numbers into the spreadsheet; here's what it looks like:

AL    28,663
AK    3,356
AZ    27,943
AR    12,763   
CA    498,794   
CO    50,125   
CT    36,000   
DE    3,273   
DC    3,043   
FL    158,030
GA    58,611
HI    2,192
ID    19,922
IL    61,111
IN    30,443
IA    7,475
KA    14,242
KY    33,036
LA    17,548
ME    13,704
MD    18,272   
MA    5,428   
MI    75,511
MN    19,420   
MS    8,045
MO    33,138
MT    13,135
NE    14,464
NV    22,566   
NH    11,446
NJ    34,751
NM    7,688   
NY    156,902   
NC    107,778
ND    2,624
OH    39,955   
OK    14,999
OR    18,337   
PA    81,320
RI    9,803   
SC    24,116
SD    3,194
TN    36,250
TX    118,532
UT    18,633
VT    15,015   
VA    44,676
WA    68,058   
WV    4,889
WI    40,752
WY    3,450   
TOTAL:     2,153,421

UPDATE x2: OK, I've plugged in the state-by-state percentages for the CMS projections over at the actual site. Will try to fill it in here later but it's a lot of work just doing it once and the code is wonky.

UPDATE x3: I've now updated the spreadsheet to include BOTH the 12/28 HHS numbers for all states AS WELL AS the post-12/28 updates that I've received from some states.

Result? The actual current tally is now at least 2.34 Million.
UPDATE x4: OK, I've gone ahead and plugged in the Medicaid/CHIP numbers as well, and the results are, well...confusing, to put it mildly.

See the detailed write-up here. The short version is, I'm not sure where about 1.24 million of the Medicaid total comes from.

Update x5: OK, this may seem a little petty, but I can't help but be somewhat amused/irked that the New York Times has FINALLY decided to jump into the pool.

In the words of John "Die Hard" McClaine, Welcome to the party, pal!

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