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Short Diary. Yesterday the Supreme Court denied a petition for review in Horne vs. Isaacson. Lyle Denniston at SCOTUSblog.com reports, Court bypasses abortion test case:

The Supreme Court on Monday chose to bypass the first case to reach it testing a new round of state laws restricting abortion rights.  Without comment and without any noted dissents, the Court refused to hear an Arizona case involving a ban on abortions at 20 weeks of pregnancy.  The case was Horne v. Isaacson (13-402).

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The Court’s reaction to the new Arizona abortion case had been eagerly awaited, for two reasons: it was a test of whether the Court would relax its repeated view that states cannot flatly ban abortion in the period before a fetus could live outside the pregnant woman’s body, and it was a test of whether the Justices would clear the way for state legislatures to experiment with bans on abortions at increasingly earlier stages in pregnancy.

Because the Court chose not to review the case, nothing final can be read into that denial, except perhaps that the Court is not ready to reopen the whole question about the continuing validity of its precedents on women’s abortion rights.


Another legislative session began yesterday, so I'm sure there will be more unconstitutional attempts to restrict abortion, but for today, abortion is safe in AZ. Busybodies like lobbyist, Cathy Herrod and Governor Jan Brewer want control over your uterus and forced reproduction. Brewer is out this year, but Herrod, who has close ties to legislators is still here.

But Cathi Herrod of the anti-abortion Center for Arizona Policy said Monday’s high-court action is not the end of the fight.

She said 10 states have virtually identical laws, creating the opportunity for review by other federal appellate courts beyond the jurisdiction of the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.

Herrod said the Supreme Court will be forced to step in if another federal appellate court reaches a different conclusion.

“At some point, I have no doubt the Supreme Court will consider the humanity of the pre-born child and the risk of abortion to their mothers,” Herrod said. “In time, the 9th Circuit decision on the 20-week ban will be seen as an aberration in abortion jurisprudence.”

The high-court decision also drew derision from Gov. Jan Brewer, who signed the measure into law. In a prepared statement, she called it “a clear infringement on the authority of states to implement critical life-affirming laws.”


The struggle for reproductive self-rights continues, but today is a good day. And thank you to the powers that be that put cR-AZy AZ in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals

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Originally posted to Desert Rose on Tue Jan 14, 2014 at 05:08 AM PST.

Also republished by Good News.

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