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I'd like to update everyone on where we are now.  I finally received by membership id, they found my wife in their system, however, my policy is not the one that I bought and not the same as my wife's.

I received a conference call yesterday from Covered CA and Anthem Blue Cross.  Covered CA is telling me that the reason my wife and I are on 2 different policies is because the choice we made got kicked out by the system.  They are now telling me that they are going to cancel my current policy and create a new application, and that the premium will increase by over $200 per month.

If they are correct, how did the system let me continue without some type of warning.  Covered CA wanted to create the new policy and simply send it over to Anthem Blue Cross.  I put a stop to that.  I said that I require to look it over before I make any choices and they spend my money for me.

It was not until January 11, 2014 that I received my membership id number.  Therefore, I am being charged for coverage from January 1, 2014 through January 31, 2014.  But, in fact, I was not able to go to a doctor until January 11, 2014.  Secondly, they put me on the wrong policy with different co-pays that from the policy I originally chose.  If I go to a doctor the doctor will look up my insurance and expect a $40 co-pay instead of a $5 co-pay.  I know Anthem Blue Cross will not clear this up with the doctor's office while I'm there, that I will have to go back to Anthem Blue Cross and try and get reimbursed for the difference, if, in fact, they will reimburse me.   My current policy is worthless and I feel that I should get reimbursed for the premium.  I should not have to pay for no coverage.

Covered CA was supposed to call me back yesterday to finalize the new policy.  They didn't.

I understand that similar situations like mine have been happening to a lot of people.  Covered CA has not been sending people's applications to the insurance carrier, what they do send over is not accurate, and at least, Anthem Blue Cross, can't handle the volume.  They are not prepared for the implementation of the Affordable Care Act.  Anthem Blue Cross has postponed the need to pay your premium until January 31, 2014 for January coverage.  They are not able to process the payments in a timely fashion.  You will not get your membership id. until they have processed the payment, therefore, you would not be able to have an insurance card or member number.  Without the card or number you can't go see a doctor and have the insurance cover the visit.  In other words, you are paying for coverage that doesn't exist.

I just learned that there is a clause in the Affordable Care Act which allows insurance companies, who claim that they are loosing money due to the law, to charge the individual policy owner for the difference.  Do you trust insurance companies that have been screwing the consumer for years.  This clause gives insurance companies the right to increase premiums without just cause.

There are some good aspects to the Affordable Care Act, i.e., no pre-existing condition, free preventative care, etc., however, there are many aspects to it that are not to the individuals best interest.  Mostly, the whole system is so convoluted and confusing, the individual hasn't got a chance.  You could wind up having to pay the IRS if you didn't project your income for 2014 exactly correct.  Because the policies are being subsidized you may owe the government money.  That, within itself, defeats the whole purpose of "affordable".  If you got hit with a big tax bill the results of which could be just as  devastating as a big medical bill.  I don't know about you, but I don't want to owe the IRS money.  They can take everything that you own and have worked your entire life for.

We have many problems with this law.  What we really need is a single payer system, similar to that in Europe.  Health insurance should be the same for everyone, no matter your income level.  You can't put health insurance into the hands of private industry that has only one interest, to be profitable.  Employers should no longer be responsible to provide health insurance.  Those costs would no longer exist, and could increase jobs, pay checks, and stability in the employer market.  Companies should be forced to put that money back into the business to hire people and increase pay.

There are many things that can be done, but I can tell you, Obmacare is not ready for prime time.  I expect it will get better but there are so many holes and loopholes it is difficult to trust.  If the consumer can't trust hour health care system we are in real trouble.


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