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Republicans fear hearings where the democrats can call witnesses.

In the house of representatives Rep. Car thief (Issa) can interview people behind closed doors and only release testimony and call witnesses that damage the president and support Republicans fabricated notions. If there were impeachment hearings suddenly the democrats would be able to call witnesses including Republicans who originally interviewed other people behind closed doors. Since everybody in American would be watching closely we would discover a systematic attempt by the R's to cover-up evidence that exonerates the President and their misinformation campaign would be on full display.

Here's some imaginings of what democrats could do...

Benghazi hearing....

Democrat: Senator McCain, you reviewed testimony behind closed doors including white house e-mails regarding the talking points surrounding Benghazi months before they were released to the public is that correct?

Sen. McCain: Yes.

Democrat: And you also had access to the testimony of then CIA director David Patreaus who acknowledged that it was the CIA lawyer who suggested that talking points be changed to protect the FBI's investigation, isn't that correct?

Sen. McCain: Yes.

Democrat: Then why did you continue to make the claim that the white house and Ambassador Rice changed the talking points to obfuscate Al Qaeda's involvement when you already knew that was false?

Sen McCain: (crickets)

More false claims that would be debunked on national television should we go to impeachment hearings:

The administration issued a 'stand down' order for military reinforcements to Benghazi... False. Reinforcements were sent from Southern Italy but did not arrive on time as per the commander of US forces at the time in closed door hearings.

The administration did nothing to offer additional embassy security in the lead up to the incident... False. The Obama administration requested additional funding for embassy security and every single Republican on the committee voted against it and every single democrat voted for it. Additionally the commander of all African forces offered Ambassador Stephens additional security directly one month before the attack and he refused the offer.

President Obama said 'act of terror' instead of 'terrorist act'... (crickets)

Do we need to imagine the IRS hearings??? They would end with the simple realization that the organizations that want tax exempt status are nothing but political combat organizations and shouldn't have received the subsidy at all.

Obamacare... Sorry Republicans. The Supreme court already ruled, long ago, that the President and the heads of regulatory agencies have the ability to make adjustments to the law if the changes will still achieve the original intention of the law.

Fake scandals only work on Fox News. If you put them up to real scrutiny it will just make Reince Priebus and his gang of race-baiting dim-wits look dumber than Sara Palin in a real interview.  


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