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(First appeared in The Tulsa Voice)

Governor Race gets Randy
By Barry Friedman

Former Republican State Senator Randy Brogdon announced a few weeks back that he will challenge Governor Mary Fallin in the GOP primary in June, because, apparently, we’ve got a holy war on our hands—and, really, who better to lead us into battle than a man who spent his adult life servicing air conditioners and heaters?

We are in the fight of our lives for liberty, and I feel morally obligated to lead that fight on behalf of Oklahoma families … and restore your God given unalienable rights of life, liberty and property.
If Brogdon took himself any more seriously, he’d be on a horse, wearing a tunic and a Coppergate Helmet, waving a Hallstatt sword, and screaming, “Deus vult! Deus vult!”  

Not sure what liberties in Oklahoma we’ve lost under Fallin, other than not being able to smoke an electronic cigarette in a state building, and, anyway, it’s not like the governor—the twice-married governor to be more specific—has been idling away her weekends, marching in Gay Pride parades, handing out condoms and taking questions on the ACA website.

“I support traditional marriage. I do not and will not support expanding the definition of marriage to include same-sex couples.”
… pissing off anti-choice organizations.
Mary has a 100 percent rating from the National Right to Life Committee and has received the "True Blue" award from Focus on the Family and the Family Research Council.
… and spending a breathtaking amount of time worrying about the uninsured.
Oklahoma is the latest state to reject two key elements of President Barack Obama's health care reform plan to extend health coverage to poor and middle-class Americans, Gov. Mary Fallin (R) announced Monday.
Considering, too, her views on most issues are close to the hearts (if they’ve got them) of Oklahoma’s uber right, Brogdon should be helping her paint yard signs and not challenging her in a primary, for the only thing she hasn’t done to endear herself to them is establish and arm a state militia.

But only a crazy person would do that.

Brogdon and some local tea party leaders indicated in an AP story earlier this week that a militia could be used to stop federal encroachment into state's rights.

He immediately walked back those statements, but only after people asked, “Say WHAAT?”
Brogdon has since said he spoke only of a new National Guard-type unit to aid the state during civil emergencies. He's also said he never used the term "militia" in his AP interview.
When he says never, though, he doesn’t mean never ever.
He used the term five times, including saying: "Is a state militia a good idea? It probably is."
Game. Set. Insurgency.
While acknowledging that the reporter got the quote right, Brogdon said he did not think the AP would release the tape because it would force them to write a story putting his comments in context. “This is the classic thing that the liberal media will do to anyone they disagree with,” he said.
No, the “classic thing” is when fringe candidates make loopy statements, get called on it, and then claim martyrdom. Damn liberal media … what’s it doing, anyway, quoting people who are, you know, talking?

State Republicans who are unhappy with Mary Fallin are suffering from a moderate to severe case of anhedonia.  Even the John Birch Society thinks she’s doing a bang-up job, giving her almost a 90% approval rating.

Brogdon lost to Fallin in the 2010 GOP gubernatorial primary. He went on to endorse his former rival despite earlier criticisms of her "liberal compromises”

Yeah, Mary Fallin makes liberal compromises and I’m the new editor of American Riflemen. Still, she’s Elizabeth Warren compared to this.

Brogdon indicated Tuesday that he is most interested in public speaking and setting up "liberty boot camps," at which he said people would receive "an education on the founding principles" and "getting the federal government back in bounds."
Because nothing says “freedom” more than liberty boot camps where people will receive an "education."
A fierce critic of what he claimed was excessive spending by a bloated state government, Brogdon took a $99,000-a-year state job with the newly elected Republican Insurance Commissioner, boosting Brogdon's monthly retirement benefit by more than 50 percent.
A $99-thousand government job here, a 50% monthly pension bump in your government pension there and pretty soon you’re talking about real hypocrisy. The good news: he’s not going to win; the bad news: Mary Fallin is now the “moderate” in the race.

I feel a migraine coming on.

But what do I know? I wonder sometimes how I even make it in life.

"Obviously, my Christian life has a dramatic impact on my worldview," he continued. "I believe my Christian views have a lot to do with every aspect of my life--it's where I get my strength and my values and my belief. I don't see how some people make it, just being human without that.”
It’s no day at the beach, senator, let me tell you.

Seriously, though, you really don’t know how people make it “just being human” without a Christian world view?

The sanctimony. It burns.


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