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It seems Pope Francis I is at it again.  He has just fired all but one of the cardinals in charge of the Vatican Bank! http://www.thetablet.co.uk/... Just the latest in the series of actions taken that  seem to indicate that Il Papa was serious about cleaning up the Catholic Church and showing that it is possible to lead a "Christian" life without being a fiscal fraud.  So far to the balance sheet for Francis I:

I am technically a Marian Catholic but I've not practiced in years and don't plan on starting, but I kind of like this guys' moves.

Flip the fold please.


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1. Get rid of excess baggage.  Check!  Upon his arrival in the Vatican, the soon to be former Cardinal had only one suitcase.  He didn't return to Argentina for the rest because he had none.

2. Get humble.  Check!  No more gold cross, ring or special slippers.  Heck, this guy doesn't even live in the Papal apartments but in the smallest one in the cheapest pensione in Vatican City.  They have to force security personnell on him and if he can get away from them he will.  Rumor has it he goes out at night in "plainclothes" and walks the streets of Rome.

3. Feed the poor.  Check!  On his birthday, he served lunch in the Assisi soup kitchen and, after everyone was served, he sat and ate with them. And when a bishop overspent on his "renovations" the Pope confiscated the palace, sold off the fixtures and turned it into a soup kitchen and social services center.

4. Judge not.... Check!  Even though that's not in the New Testament, the Pope has come out against the church being "obsessed with homosexuality and abortion".  Also seen hugging small children and allowing them to occupy his "throne".  He also cold calls atheists.

5. Defend the weak.  Check!  Seems Pope Francis has no love of the machinations of corporations that destroy the environment, communities and people in the name of profit.  Perhaps giving hope of a better life, or even a life to so many around the world.  

6. Comfort the afflicted.  Walking and driving, unescorted through the favelas in Buenos Aries, helping the homeless, etc. See #3-5.

7. Be real.  Check!  This man Facebooks, Tweets, and does cold calls.

Let's hope they let him live a long time and he gets to finish his mission.

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Originally posted to Arianna Editrix on Thu Jan 16, 2014 at 03:08 AM PST.

Also republished by Anglican Kossacks and Street Prophets .


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