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Two term Louisiana Senator David vitter thinks all food assistance recipients should have to provide an approved .id when they acquire food with their benefit debit cards.
Vitter seeks I.D. Law

And as usual when a GOP lawmaker proposes legislation, this would once again adversely affect, poor, elderly, disabled, minorities, women and children.
Who is David Vitter? He is the guy that stood on stage recently with his wife and talked about banging prostitutes and how sorry he was. Yea, that guy.

  I have sinned

I myself recently went on permanent disability as a result of back problems. I don't receive food assistance but it could happen. Funny thing is, I lost my ID a few days ago. This kinda hits close to home. Should disability recipients also have ID requirements? So if a single mother loses or cant acquire an ID her family goes hungry.
Should a homeless vet be burdened by ID requirements? I bet David Vitter thinks so. It's a fraud thing, those poor people got no integrity. I bet the entire GOP thinks so. If not tell us so... Crickets.

Who votes for these guys? They are the meanest, most hypocritical assholes ever conceived by the white Jesus
This is my wife and sister...There is only one woman standing there?
Gotta joke for ya, Texas and Oklahoma went on a date, had unprotected sex because of abstinence only education( Just say no!) and 9 months later, Louisiana popped out... I'll be here all week.

 Speaking of integrity, at his next press conference i would ask him, "When you used your debit card to get cash to pay for your prostitute, did anyone ask you for ID?"


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What's the best way to pay for prostitute?

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