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Out here  this on the Navajo Code Talkers Hwy. http://en.wikipedia.org/...  , Jakkalbessie driving and I'm surfing. Surely will lose signal soon but who knows?  Been a few years since rode this way through the Navajo and Hopi lands ....

But happy day,  sorry, the War Profiteers are gonna have a sad -- CA Congressman Buck McKeon Retiring!

McKeon's Sub-Committee Appointments
Posted by Teddy Wilson on January 17, 2013

The levels of power in Washington, D.C. are pulled by those with the most influence or those that can buy the most influence. Rep. Buck McKeon has a significant amount of influence as Chairman of the powerful Armed Services committee. McKeon's is one of the most strident defenders of the military-industrial complex, and his corporate campaign donors have purchased his influence to protect their industry.

McKeon has been among the loudest voices against any reduction in military spending, and has often couched this defense with reasons including supporting the troops or supporting American jobs. In an op-ed in USA Today, McKeon wrote that "for the past two years, the Pentagon has suffered cut after damaging cut, killing off vital military modernization programs and atrophying our military's end strength."

Join the international effort to expose the financial & humane costs of the U.S. military industrial complex. Click....

Got an email with the good news this morning from Progressive Change Campaign Committee  ....  www.BoldPRogressives.org
BREAKING NEWS: Republican Congressman Buck McKeon just retired, making his California seat a top pickup opportunity for progressives.

Lee Rogers is a well-known doctor and a bold progressive who was already running a strong race against McKeon. Now, this district is making national news -- and Lee will be on Ed Schultz's national radio show this afternoon.

We're proud to endorse Lee Rogers today.  Can you help him win this seat for Democrats by donating $3 one time or monthly to his campaign now?  

Lee joined 15 other progressive candidates this week at a training we held in Washington DC. He's dedicated to running a cutting-edge campaign -- with a strong progressive message. He says:

"As a doctor, I’m not campaigning just to defend the Affordable Care Act. I’m on the offensive -- campaigning to make the ACA better!  

I’ll fight to allow people to buy into Medicare. I’ll push for Medicare to negotiate drug prices to lower costs. And I promise to help bring us closer to universal healthcare coverage."

The Cook Political Report just upgraded Democratic chances in this race, and we need to strike while the iron is hot!

Two right-wing Republicans are scrambling to run for this seat. But progressive Lee Rogers is looking to take it back for working families!  If you want to take back the House, and elect bold progressive champs, please chip in $3 one time or monthly to Lee Rogers!  

Better Democrats, yah ta hey !

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