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Newsstream is almost ready to accept contributor content I have prepared this post detailing the goals of Newsstream.

I didn't get any backers in my initial attempt with Kickstarter but if the DailyKos community shows interest I will attempt to raise funds there again.


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I envision Newsstream as "News for a Smart World".

The basic template is a platform for contributors to present short clips which have news value to viewers locally, nationally, and worldwide.

Point system:

Once Newstream begins generating revenue the contributors will actually be able to receive funds from the pool by cashing in their points.

Points can also be earned through the referral system's "Ponzi scheme".

When a new contributor or viewer registers they will be able to enter the username, website, or email address of the person who referred them to Newsstream. The referrer will receive new points based on a percentage of the points earned by the new member.

The points formula hasn't been determined as of yet and will likely remain a company secret but the infrastructure needed to calculate the point value is in place.

I currently envision basic categories of content providers.
  • Independent and small market reporters
  • News makers
  • Service organizations
  • Businesses
  • Broadcasters

With those categories there may exist the following content types.

  • Emergency Announcements
  • Activity Announcements
  • News
  • Political and Issue Advocacy
  • Contributor Introduction and Promotion
  • Response Videos

Depending on the contributor and the content type they contribution will fall into a rate category.

  • Pay for scheduled placement
  • Pay per viewer regionally
  • Free broadcast for service organizations
  • Point per view generating local and independent reports

Every viewer who saw a video which receives a Response Video will be shown the Response Video shortly after starting their player or soon after their initial view of the parent video. This ensures that viewers will see counter arguments, different memes, follow up information, or alternative framing in order to be more informed. The initial poster will be advised of the response video's posting. There isn't a time limit on responses so a viewer might see a response weeks or months after posting.

Where to view:
The website backbone is in place at Newstream. We are currently using the Smarttvnews server from GoDaddy to differentiate the development area from the full content servers which will be required soon.

The next phase involves the creation of a Roku channel and integration with Rabbit TV and other online content aggregators.

No two viewers will see the same content.

The system is actually a playlist provider instead of a true stream. Short playlists of 4 to 10 minutes will be sent to a viewer when the connect. Your i.p. address and browser type will be used to identify which device you connect through and will record what content you have received. This is to ensure that you will not receive content repeatedly unless the content provider pays for the repetition.

By providing your location to the system it will be able to direct local content to you. You will not need to actually register in order to get local content.

Users who register as viewers will be protected from receiving repeated content on multiple devices since the register of content received will be linked to their account instead of the device.

Getting from local to worldwide:
Content will initially be presented to viewers based on their location. A national story could be contributed as such. The contributor will also be able to define an impact region which could be a central zip code and the number of miles where interest would be greatest. A city council meeting report may be of interest to only those within 30 miles. If the viewers begin tweeting or sharing the report it will be bumped to the next category and be shown statewide. If interest continues to grow the report may go national and worldwide.

The design of the backbone database was done allowing for an eventual worldwide rollout. Viewers can view from anywhere and may sign up or enter a zip code into the system in order to follow events in a particular area. International contributors may use the free Service Organization category. Reporters outside of the U.S. will not be able to redeem points. The pay for placement and per viewer categories will initially be available only to U.S. entities until legal assurances can be made.

Your turn:
I envisioned this system and fought may way through the software environment to ensure that the current site has the backbone in place to collect submissions and present the capabilities to the development phase visitors and contributors but I admit that the full development is way beyond my capabilities.

I need "Contributor Introduction and Promotion" clips. The clips should be short but you can post longer pieces which will be available on your publically available contributor page.

There is an "Add Icon" link available to contributors. Please add your website's icon there so that you

I need some sample videos. I may add intro screens to the sample posts in the same way I did on the promo reel. This will give you an opportunity to set your style and to work with editing software.

I need team members. My immediate need is a graphic designer to produce artwork and a programmer to complete the changes necessary and develop a few applications.

Skype me

I will be answering questions on Netroots Radio at the time of posting and will respond to comments after that.
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