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Over the course of last week, one of the most common subjunctive conditional phrases preceding optimistic speculation that Governor Christie's presidential ambitions can survive the Bridgegate and Hobokingate scandals is "as long as no further evidence comes out," or "as long as the 'other shoe' does not drop."  

While listening to Rachel Maddow, I was searching for the latest news, when I just came across a reference to a whole new Lt. Governor Guadagno scandal I wasn't previously aware of at New Jersey Watchdog.org entitled, "Before Bridgegate and Hoboken, a Scandal Christie Can't Shake: Investigative Report by Mark Lagerkvist, and I think I just heard a loud clunking, that sounds just like another shoe dropping.

Lagerkvist lists 20 articles in an ongoing investigation that began in October of 2010, that is called Doublegate where Lt. Gov. Guadagno is accused of making false statement to the N.J. Pension fund to allow one of her employees to "double dip" to the tune of $245,000.

As a county sheriff, Guadagno made false and contradictory statements that enabled her top aide to collect retirement checks in addition to public salary. The subterfuge cost a state pension fund $245,000.

A state pension board asked authorities in May 2011 to begin a criminal investigation.

Gov. Chris Christie failed to appoint a special prosecutor to conduct the probe. Instead, a conflict-riddled investigation fell to the attorney general’s Division of Criminal Justice, where Guadagno had previously served as deputy director.

Thirty-two months later, the results of the probe remain a state secret. The Christie entourage has stonewalled inquiries, even refusing to acknowledge whether the investigation is ongoing or completed.

A New Jersey Watchdog reporter is suing DCJ for records in Mercer County Superior Court. State lawyers are arguing to keep all information about the probe confidential indefinitely.

I'm still checking this out, but I don't see this reported previously if I am using our search function correctly.  Let me apologize in advance if this is redundant, or "dodgy."  I'm on a short leash these days after getting back with my significant other of 10 years after we broke up a year ago, partially due to by excess 'goofing off' here.  So, I'm writing this on the sly when she goes out to the kitchen. I'll try to sneak back later, and have been offering her lots of beverages so she'll have to go to the bathroom.  

If any of you can help me check this out, in the meantime, here is a bibliography in chronological order €“ with links to all 20 New Jersey Watchdog reports on Doublegate:

- See more at: http://newjersey.watchdog.org/...

Don't you love it when scandals "dog" Republican governors? One of the most frequently asked questions to me here at Daily Kos is "Hounddog, is it wrong to take such pleasure in the misfortune of Republicans?"  Heck no! I say, I do it all the time and it can be great fun.

So let's hope this lead helps bolster Mayor Dawn's Zimmer's credibility battle with Lt. Gov. Kim Guadagno, who seems to have a "pattern-of-behavior" developing here.  I just saw Louise wrote a top rec's post two days ago on another one.

Woof, woof.  

P.S. I very well may go back to a variation of my first sign line here nine, or ten years ago, "sniffing out the trail of high crimes and misdemeanors in the White House."  Now I'd just change it to "on the road to the White House."  Happy days are here again.


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Originally posted to HoundDog on Tue Jan 21, 2014 at 06:51 PM PST.

Also republished by Christie Investigations.


Who do you believe most in the different versions of the interactions between Mayor Dawn Zimmer and Lt. Gov. Kim Guadagno?

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